Tir na Nóg beat Rasharkin by four

All County Football League Div 2

0-38Tír na nÓg 3.8 (17) Rasharkin 0.13 (13)

by Aimee McAtamney

Despite tonight’s Senior reserve game only lasting for 15mins due to torrential rain, the clouds made way for late evening sunshine for the Division 2 clash between Tir na nÓg and Rasharin at Whitehill. After a victory for Rasharkin in the corresponding fixture back in May in the the men from Dreen came into this fixture as firm favourites.

Brendan Etherson got the visitors off the mark first after just two minutes but this was quickly responded to by a point from Christy Sheerin. Rasharkin would then to go on and score the next three points as Enda McFerran; Ryan Lynch and James Scally all found the target and it wasn’t until 11minutes when the home side broke this trend after a high ball from Pearse Sheerin into the back post was finished by his brother Kevin to bring the home side back into the fixture. Two minutes later Tír na nÓg looked to have hit a purple patch when Ciaran Dobbin broke free in front of goal, only to be denied by a superb save by Ryan Doherty between the Rasharkin sticks. After 17mins Ryan Lynch caught a nearly impossible ball on his knees and he rebounded to his feet to swing over another point for the visitors but soon after Christy Sheerin stepped up to convert a free following a foul on his brother Kevin.
However Etherson took control of the game from midfield and he put Eamon McNeill through on goal but he spared Sean-Paul McAtamney the save by chipping it off the ground over the bar.
After 25mins Kevin Kerr stood in to break down a Rasharkin attack, he passed the ball to Christy Sheerin who sent a long ball into Ciaran Dobbin who spilt the posts. The resulting kick out came directly to Kevin Sheerin who punished the mistake as he sent the ball back over the bar to raise another white flag, and just before the break sharp shooters, Enda McFerran and Christy Sheerin, traded frees to leave the game level (1.05 to 0.08) at half time.

Six minutes into the second half Ryan Lynch put the visitors a point up, swiftly followed by another free from McFerran. After 40mins Christy Sheerin kicked another free kick and his fourth of the game, however McFerran responded immediately with his fourth point of the game also, to leave the score 1.06 to 0.11 in Rasharkins favour.

On 42minutes the three Sheerin brothers linked up, Pearse delivered the high ball to the edge of the square which was fielded by Kevin and popped to Christy who found the back of the net in style. Christy Sheerin added a point but a point from McFerran and one from Johnny McAleese brought Rasharkin back on terms.
Ciaran Logan put the home side back in the driving seat one minute later and with the clock ticking down the Tír na nÓg subs linked up well with Richard Fitzgerald to put Christy Sheerin through who sent in a cross which Malachy Duffin punched to the Rasharkin net on 56minutes to seal the win. This victory see’s the Whitehill men go seven games unbeaten and provides them with some momentum going into championship season.

Best on the night was Christy Sheerin, Caoimhin Duffin and Sean Duffin, it is also important to note that keeper SP McAtamney has kept two clean sheets. For the Rasharkin men McFerran kept them in touching distance with five points but Thomas McMullan also played a great role for the visitors.

Tír na nÓg
1. SP McAtamney 2. S. Redmond 3. Colm Duffin 4. D. Martin 5. C. Logan 6. Caoimhin Duffin 7. D. McCormick 8. R. O’Neill 9. P. Sheerin 10. S. Duffin 11. K. Kerr 12. C. Sheerin 13. K. Sheerin 14. C. Dobbin 15. D. Fegan 20. R. Fitzgerald 22. M. Duffin 23. N. O’Connor 24. C. Montgomery 25. A. Reid

Scorers: C. Sheerin (1.5- 3 frees), K. Sheerin (1.1), M. Duffin (1.0), C. Dobbin (0.1), C. Logan (0.1)

Subs: R. Fitzgerald for K. Kerr (38mins), M. Duffin for D. Fegan (51mins)

Cards: Yellow- R. O’Neill (38mins), D. McCormick (61mins)

St. Mary’s
1. R. Doherty 2. D. Quigg 3. D. McFerran 4. P. Kelly 5. J. Scally 6. T. Doherty 7. C. Doherty 8. B. Etherson 9. T. McMullan 10. S. Hasson 11. J. McAleese 12. A. Hasson 13. E. McNeill 14. R. Lynch 15. E. McFerran 18. T. Doherty 19. G. O’Hagan 22. C. Gribben 23. K. McMullan 24. K. O’Boyle

Scorers: E. McFerran (0.5- 3 frees), R. Lynch (0.3), B. Etherson (0.2), J. Scally (0.1), S. Hasson (0.1), J. McAleese (0.1), E. McNeill (0.1)

Subs: C. Gribben for J. Scally (51mins)

Cards: Yellow- R. Lynch (22mins), P. Kelly (53mins + 61 mins = red), J. McAleese (60mins)

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