Velocity Tracking the way to go says St. Ergnat’s player, Ryan Doyle

V Tracking

Ryan Doyle, a  Moneyglass footballer has come up with an innovative idea he hopes will turn into a lucrative business. 30 year old Ryan, a member of the St. Ergnat’s club all his life has teamed up with Velocity Tracking, a company that is providing teams and management with the most accurate and reliable tool for analysing both training and match data for each player.

Ryan has been playing Gaelic for his local club since he was six years old and on his day is recognised as one of the top forwards in the county. He has represented his county at minor and U21 level and also had trials with the  senior Panel in the past.

Ryan’s business plan is making GPS available at club level to football and hurling clubs at an affordable price. GPS equipment has been used extensively by county teams now for a number of years and is widely used all over Ireland and much further afield.

Most county trainers now see them as a vital ingredient in achieving peak performance and fitness for their sides.

The GPS gives coaches a number of different results including

*Top speed

*Total distance

*Heat maps


This device gives coaches the edge when managing squad training loads, from the beginning to the end of season, effectively monitoring player conditioning levels and therefore helping to prevent injury.

Some of the results we provide with the GPS are

*Top speed

*Sprint distance

*Player load

*Distance covered

*Heat maps

*Work ratio

These are just a few of the benefits that can be derived from their use. Using this device gives coaches the insight into what each individual player has achieved during training or a match.

We also have a season tab where we are able to compare results from previous games or training sessions to show improvement or fatigue from each player.

If anyone would like more info please contact Ryan Doyle on either 07821055471 or via email @ or you can check out our Facebook page for some idea of all results provided.




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