McKee Remains Determined As Ever Against Lavey

Loughgiel 2-20

Lavey 1-15

By Darach O’Mullan

Loughgiel Shamrocks took on Erin’s Own Lavey on Monday evening in the Antrim Division 1 Senior Reserve Hurling League in Gulladuff. A fierce start, which was initiated by Ryan McKee, saw the left half forward open the scoring with a point, which was subsequently followed by Paddy Laverty and Nicholas McNaughton. Loughgiel’s advances were backed up by the great dedication of Paul Boyle who had ushered in a display of great dexterity and speed. Loughgiel had shown their prowess within the first fifteen minutes as Paddy Laverty widened the score difference by striking the ball into the net behind Eoin Mulholland, pushing Loughgiel ahead with a score of 1-8 to 0-4 by the first water break.

However, the home side did not give up the fight and a succession of frees taken by Odran Waldron kept the South Derry men in touch, and when Jack Shaw fired in a goal they were back in contention.               A great long range point by Ciaran McKay was one highlight of the first half and helped the visitors go into half time with a 1-12 to 1-07 advantage.

Although Lavey’s determination had continued to bloom, Loughgiel continued to push forward thanks to points earned from frees taken by Michael McGarry. Connall Kerr further provided a boost to Loughgiel with a great degree of accuracy, but it should be noted that the energy omitted from Ryan McKee as well his tenacity had kept Loughgiel ahead. Sam Dodds strong and forceful Sam Dodds was a force to be reckoned with and he presented a constant challenge for the men in red as was Joseph McGurk too had played exceptionally well throughout the game. A goal by Michael McGarry kept the cogs of the Loughgiel machine turning, bringing the score to 2-17 to 1-11 by the second water break. Aodhan McFadden had pushed hard throughout the latter stages of the match and scored a point, but Lavey would not relinquish the fight and and Odran Waldron scored another three points. Ciaran Hendry had a great battle wiht Nicholas McNaughton, but the Shamrocks man kept battle as Loughgiel sealed the victory on a scoreline of 2-20 to 1-15.

Loughgiel Panel

  1. Conor Gillan 2. Ciaran McKay 3. Enda Óg McGarry 4. Conor Henry 6. Daniel McPeake 7. Cathair McMullan 8. John Francis Connolly 9. Aodhan McFadden 10. Damian Quinn 11. Nicholas McNaughton 12. Ryan McKee 14. Michael McGarry 15. Paddy Laverty 17. Rory McCloskey 18. Caolan Blair 19. Cormac McFadden 20. Christy McGarry 21. Ryan Hill


  1. Eoin Mulholland 3. Kevin Lagan 6. James Crawford 7. Joseph McGurk 8. Shane McGill 10. Liam Óg Magill 12. Conall Shaw 13. Jack Shaw 14. Odran Waldron 15. Kelvin Gates 17. Ciaran Hendry 18. Sam Dodds 22. Ryan Farren

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