McCloskey Secures Comprehensive Win for Loughgiel

Minor Hurling – Darragh Cup

By Darach O’Mullan

Loughgiel had secured a decisive victory against Dunloy in Monday evening’s Darragh Cup Match in Father Healy Park. Loughgiel had presented a strong start with players such as Jack McCloskey and Ronan McCollum building up a strong base to work upon against Dunloy. A goal by Jack McCloskey had put Loughgiel firmly ahead by the first water break. Dunloy countered Loughgiel’s efforts with some great frees by Conaill Elliott and another point by Daire McMullan. Ryan Mort had also made a great contribution to the Dunloy side but Jack McCloskey and Darragh Patterson had continued to keep Loughgiel ahead by the half time whistle.

Cathaoir Gormley had battled very hard and placed superb pressure on Mark Christie within the second half, and Daire McMullan, Ryan Mort and Dara Watterson made a substantial effort to keep Dunloy’s hopes alive, but scores continued to pile in Loughgiel’s favour thanks to the ongoing work of Eoin McGarry, Jack McCloskey and Pearse Patterson. After the second water break, Cathaoir Gormley scored a goal for Dunloy, but it was not enough to turn the tide in Dunloy’s favour as Loughgiel were firmly ahead. Ryan Scott faced constant opposition from Loughgiel’s forward line and it should be noted that he made several attempts to stop Loughgiel’s advances, but unfortunately they were in vain and Loughgiel had secured a comprehensive victory and now play Oisins in the final next Wednesday evening.


  1. Mark Christie 2. Ronan McLaughlin 3. Ruairi McCormick 4. Cahir Connolly 8. Pearse Patterson 9. Ben McGarry 10. Darragh Patterson 11. Ronan McCollum 12. Eoin McGarry 13. Danny McAuley 14. Jack McCloskey 15. Tiago McGarry 17. Jack McKendry 18. Ronan Casey 19. Roan McGarry 20. Ronan Fitzgerald 21. Liam Glackin 22. McGarry


  1. Ryan Scott 2. Ruairi  Martin 3. Seanna Martin-Ryan 4. Joseph Magee 5. Daire McMullan 6. Ryan Mort 7. Dara Watterson 8. Sean McAleese 9. Michael Traynor 10. Barry McCloskey 11. Conaill Elliott 12. Tom McFerran 13. Cathaoir McFerran 14. Frances McMullan 15. Eoin O’Kane 17. Niall McIlhatton 18. Cathaoir Gormley 19. Ben O’Kane 20. Conor Mort 23. Luke McFerran 24. Padraig Martin

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