Christy Fleming RIP

Brendan McTaggart penned a few words on his Facebook page about former youth Coach and Cuchullains legend Christy Fleming who died this week. I thought it was worth posting on Saffron Gael.  

Passing of legends is never easy, Christy was up there with the biggest.

For my generation, he was Mr Parish League. For my generation he was Mr Football.

From my first Saturday at the play park in Dunloy where he put his arm around me from my mammy, took a 50p out of his pocket and began to hand-to-toe it. “By the time I’m finished with you son you’ll be doing that with either foot.”

I remember him buying me my first pair of football gloves – the mighty Mikasa. He had a way of making you feel 10ft tall.


From travelling to matches in his van while he sang: “I’m, too sexy for this van, too sexy for this team….”

To listening to his encouraging words on the sideline. Mr Motivator. Leading by 15 points there’d be “5 kicks of the ball between us”.

We all have our stories to tell about “Fahy”

Fondly remembered, forever. He left his mark on us all, he was sincerely one in a million.

Christy ‘Fahy’ Fleming, thank you.

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