We’re still filling in the blanks

JFC Roll of Honour

A few days ago we posted an article appealing for information on the Junior Football Championship as we attempt to compile our own role of honour in the competition. Wikipedia carries details of the Senior Football and Hurling winners but there are no records of the Junior and Intermediate championships.

A facebook message from Conor McKenna set the wheels in motion and the Eire Og man got us off to a great start with a list of the most recent winners. The response to our appeal has been great and some of the contributors have sent me photographs and reports on their club’s JFC success.

This week I received a message from Fergal Burke from St. James Aldergrove who defeated Glenarm to win the trophy in 1976 and Fergal included a press cutting containing a report on the game which I have included in this article.

The roll of honour and details of how to update it with your side’s success in the competition are contained in the article ‘What year did your club win the JFC’ which was posted on the Saffron Gael site earlier in the week and thanks to our readers response we are slowly getting there but there are quite a few blanks still to be filled in.

I’m including contact details again in case you can’t find the article: ptrckmclwn@yahoo.co.uk or john.mcilwaine@yahoo.co.uk

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