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2017 winners. Is your team captain there?

 If you would like to take an advert for any of this weekend games to wish your local club well please get in touch, either through messanger, by emailing or by simply calling me on 07885226348 or Paddy on 07511111378. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the games. 


DYLN0370Sponsorship opportunity

As we now enter our Sixth month of Saffron Gael, and with the Championships in Hurling and Football just weeks away, we are inviting potential sponsors to get on board to keep this project running.

We are looking for support from like-minded Antrim fans that will contribute to facilitate the continuation of the comprehensive reporting currently being carried out. Since its inception in early June the Saffron Gael has already acquired over 2,000 Facebook followers which is growing by the day and the site itself is averaging between 4,550 and 5,000 views on match days. All money donated will facilitate the growth of match coverage.

Saffron Gael Friends Opportunities & Benefits ·

Your Organisation’s logo will appear on the members page of the website ·

Organisation logo will include a hyperlink to website ·

Access to imagery taken at all covered games

Cost: £500 Per annum Please note: This payment can be made via Standing Order monthly. For more details please contact or give me a call on 07885226348

For those who feel they are not in a position to avail of the Saffron Gael Friends offer we are also looking for sponsors for our match reports. As the league draws to its conclusion and many important games to be decided we are gearing the adverts towards the participating clubs for the nominal fee of £50 a game, so for example of Cargin were playing Creggan in the football or Dunloy were facing Loughgiel in the hurling there will be the opportunity for two businesses from each area to take an advert which will run with the match report.

Here are a couple of samples below –

Fry’s Road Spart advert

Carey Faughs advert

We do not want to put the sites content behind a ‘pay wall’ and feel it should be kept available to all GAA fans in the county and beyond. However we would appeal to those regular readers to contribute to the project by simply donating as little as £5 per month through the PayPal donate button. That works out at £1.25 per week which we feel is very good value for money, considering the amount of coverage of our games that are available on the site. If you feel your club is not getting the coverage it deserves I would appeal to you to get in touch with your club PRO and ask them to get on board with this project. We endeavour to cover as many games as possible but it is not possible to get around them all so we welcome any content that is sent to us.