Flying start sends Creggan on their way to victory

ACHL Division 2 Group 2

 Creggan 3.23   Armoy 2.21.

By Joe Rice

The North Antrim Division 2 Hurling League eventually got under way and Creggan got off to a flying start when they went 4 up within 2 minutes of the throw-in through a goal from Tiernan McLarnon and a point from Kevin Rice.

 The home side took this in their stride and were level by the 6th minute – a point from Jonathan McErlain followed by a goal and a point from Eamon McCaughan following a fine long range point from Thomas McCann.  Both sides exchanged points for the next 10 minutes and nothing separated them with 20 minutes gone on the clock.  Three further points from Creggan – Tiernan McLarnon, Conor McCann and Kevin Rice which was matched by the North Antrim men – Liam O’Hara, Arthur Devlin and PJ McBride.   After the water break Creggan got the next 3 scores in as many minutes – 2 further points from Rice and 1 from Conor McCann but Armoy responded in kind with 3 added points – Thomas Burns, PJ McBride & another from Big Johnny McErlain.  It seemed that the calm weather conditions allowed both goal keepers, Emmet Long & Conor Devlin, huge puck outs causing serious problems for both defences.  With 5 minutes left to half time Creggan eventually went 2 up – a fine point from James Carey and another from Conor McCann.  Armoy were on target too with Liam O’Hara & Conor Christie reducing the gap to the minimum.  Rice got Creggan’s 2nd goal followed a minute later by a fine point from Liam McCann to put Creggan 6 ahead.   This margin was reduced by a super side-line cut from Johnny McErlain and with only seconds left to the short whistle the same player scored the only free of the 1st half.

Half Time Score:               Creggan 2.13  Armoy 1.12

The Loughshore lads came out in the 2nd half with a 4 point lead but given the fine hurling displayed by both teams the game was still anybody’s for the taking.  First 2 points of the 2nd half – Conor McCann, a free for Creggan, and Johnny McErlain, a free for Armoy.  Both teams exchanged points until the next water break but Armoy couldn’t eat into the 4 point advantage that Creggan held at half time.  Tiernan McLarnon & Conor McCann added 2 further points to their tally a piece whilst Sam Maguire got his first score of the game.  The Glen’s men responded with 3 points from Johnny McErlain and  a point  piece for Eamon McCaughan & Emmet O’Hara. 

With 40 minutes gone, Creggan’s 4 point lead was reduced to 3 with another point from Eamon McCaughan but Rice responded for Creggan to renew the 4 point lead.  Trevor Linton pointed to leave Armoy 3 behind once more as play swung from end to end and Thomas McCann increased Creggan’s score to 4 again and the visitors looked on their way to a well-deserved win.  An additional point from Eamon McCaughan kept Armoy in the race but Kevin Rice got his 2nd goal in the 57th minute and followed with a point to put the contest out of reach of the home side. Conor McCann got the last point for Creggan as the visitors finished strongly with time running out. With seconds left Armoy got a free from 40 metres out and Big Johnny McErlain signalled to his team mates to get in around the house as he was going to drop this one in and in the scuffle it was impossible to see who put the ball in the onion bag.

 Armoy:  No.1 Conor Devlin, No.2 David Connolly, No.3 Shane Devlin, No.4 Joe McBride, No.5 Callum Coyles, No.6 Thomas Burns (0.1), No.7 Liam Dillon, No.8 Arthur Devlin (0.1), No.9 PJ McBride (0.3), No.10 Emmet O’Hara (0.1), No.11 Eamon McCaughan (1.4), No.12 Conor Christie (0.1), No.13 Liam O’Hara (0.2), No.14 Johnny McErlain (0.7), No.15 Trevor Linton (0.1), No.17 Conor Waterson, No.18 David McMichael, No.20 Timothy Burns, No.26 Ciaran McCormick.

Creggan:  No.1 Emmet Long, No.2 Jake McAteer, No.3 Aidan Maguire, No.4 Ethan Carey Small, No.5 Liam McCann (0.1), No.6 Thomas McCann (0.2), No.7 Ciaran Rice, No.8 Sam Maguire (0.1), No.9 Aidan McKeown, No.10 Kevin Rice (2.6), No.11 James Carey (0.1), No.12 Conor McCann (0.9), No.13 Michael Maguire, No.14 Kevin Small, No.15 Tiernan McLarnon (1.3), No.16 Sean Donnelly, No.17 Oliver Duffin, No.18 Lee Johnston No.19 Donal Carey, No.20 Aaron Hughes, No.21 Enda Maguire, No.22 Mark McCann, No.23 Ruairi McCann, No.24 Dermot Mulholland, No.25 Danan O’Hara, No.26 Joe Smith, No.27 James Dougan, No.28 Eoin Grant.

Refere: Kevin Parke (St. Enda’s)

‘Joe de Meulemeester My Favourite 15 – Davitt’s

With games getting under way at the weekend and a full list of fixtures pretty much every day since we have had to suspend our ‘Favourite 15’ hurling feature but we intend to continue it whenever possible and hopefully post the ‘Favourite 15’ hurlers of every club in the county.

At present we have submissions from Armoy, Lamh Dhearg, All Saints and Glenravel waiting for publication but a number of clubs have yet to submit their ‘Favourite 15’ There’s still time so if you would like to send your submissions and any photographs you may have to or we will get them up on the site over the next few weeks.

Today we look at the favourite 15 from Michael Davitt’s as selected by one of the clubs legends, Joe de Meulemeester. Not everyone will agree with his selection. It’s just one man’s opinion. Just a bit of fun!


The Chairman, having recently, so eloquently highlighted the Footballers that represented the Club with great distinction, has now handed the baton to me, to provide my recollections of those that played the real game “Hurling”.

Unfortunately, hurling in the Davitts during this period, took a back seat to the football and as result the hurlers struggled to get out of the Junior ranks. We did however achieve Intermediate status for a period and in fact we were beaten in the “ Intermediate Championship Final” by St.Galls in the eighties. Hurling in the Club has however taken a massive step forward in the last six or seven years and we now have half a dozen teenagers who at this stage of their development are way ahead of anyone who has previously played for the Club. Hopefully they will continue to progress over the next few years and will help bring Davitts Hurlers into the Senior ranks, because we have an Under 12 team coming behind them that are fantastic and of course we now have the facilities to enable them to reach their full potential.

I have not however considered them for selection in my “Best Fifteen”, I am more inclined towards those players that brought us to Intermediate level in the eighties, despite the lack of facilities. The young lads will have their recognition in the future.

Two “Superstars” of the Fifties, Phonsie “Red” McVeigh and “Big Rab” McCann who I think I can remember playing alongside, against Wolf Tones on the Whitewell Road, were players who could never be omitted from any Davitts hurling team

Micheal MacDaibheid

Best 15 Hurling

By Joe de Meulemeester

1       Frank McKay

A good reliable shot stopper, Frank held this position for many years

2       Martin Tully

Martin is a multi-talented sportsman, he played Minor Football for the County and was a Boxing Champion and a great Hurler

3       “Big Rab” McCann

A colossus of a man on the edge of the square. Rab Captained the Belfast Primary School Team that defeated their Dublin counterparts

4       Eugene Gallagher

Hard as nails, just like his Dad who was the Antrim and St Johns corner back for years. Nobody getting past here!

5       Sean Og Prenter

Sean was an all-round steady player, great ball striker, consistently knocking points over from the middle of the park.

6       Tony Loughran

Natural Centre- Half, very strong in the air and always in control of the situation.

7       Gary Nelson

Grandson of Jim, easy to see that he was born with a hurl in his hands. Fabulous first touch.

8       Martin Mooney

“Shiner” was a great reader of the game, always in the right place, always looking for someone to pass the ball to, never wasted possession.

9       Joe de Meulemeester

“Modesty” forbids me telling you how good I was. Let’s just say I played for 50 years and loved every minute.

10     Mickey Topping

Top Class hurler, Michael was on the Antrim development squads from he was Under 14. Unfortunately we had to keep chasing after him to get him to play ( and we did, and he did ) but he was a great talent and could have been so much better.

11     Phonsie McVeigh

“Red” was on the verge of retirement when I became part of the Club, so I didn’t get to witness his greatness, but he was a “Legend” according to the “auld hands” back then.

12     Stephen Brady

Another all-round sportsman, Stephen played on the County Football Team, dedicated, quick,, tricky, always eager for possession, never stopped running. Still the same on the handball court today.

13     Paddy O’Neill

Great player all over the park, I struggled as to where best to slot him in, for he could have played anywhere and did, Centre-half, Centre-three quarters, but he had an eye for a score and hit (3-3) in the no. 13 shirt in the Junior Hurling Championship Final in Casement Park in 1979

14     Terry Fallon

Terry at full-forward was a luxury we could seldom afford, he was generally more needed out the field. A Fireman by trade he was very fit, very strong and fearless, an ideal no.14

15     Jackie Loughran

Jackie read the game well, attacked the ball and was very adept at picking off a few points

A Few Players that I found very difficult to leave out

Bobby Reilly was one of the elders on the team when my generation of players joined the Club in the early fifties. Bobby retained his playing status for many years after that. He was a very organised player and he taught us and encouraged us so much

Bobbys son Robin was a very good hurler but I imagine Robin always counted himself more of a footballer

My brother Pat de Meulemeester played alongside me at midfield for at least 10 years. Pat like myself was only about 5 feet 5ins. But he still managed to play Basketball for the Ulster Schools Team because of his ability to man-mark. I could always depend on him to cover for me when I went chasing off after the ball. I miss him dearly.

Nishy Lewsley, played Senior Hurling with Sarsfields and obviously the experience gained there stood him in good stead when playing in the Junior ranks with Davitts. I don’t know how he didn’t get on my team.

Seamus Hurley from the same generation as myself, partnered me at midfield through our juvenile years, left the country as a young man and when he returned his chance was gone.

One other player that it would be remiss of me not to mention for he was a great talent, is Dee Manning who “emigrated” to Galway as a teenager, Top Class player, potential unfulfilled.

Armoy retain Division Two status

ACHL Division 2/3 Playoff

Wednesday September 4

Glenrovers, Armoy 1-14 (36) St Pauls 3-8 (29)

Brendan McTaggart reports from Pairc Uí Cheallaigh, Portglenone

Armoy retained their Division Two status on Wednesday night but they were made to fight for the full hour under the floodlights at Páirc Uí Cheallaigh.  St Pauls came to Portglenone facing a seven point deficit from the first leg and when Patrick Doyle fired their third goal just three minutes into the second half, it looked like the Shaws Road men were on their way to reeling in Armoy lead.

Playing with a numerical advantage after an Armoy player saw red early in the game, St Pauls turned around at the interval and played with more intensity and fight.  They had Amory on the ropes early in the second half but the north Antrim men steadied the ship with a fine defensive performance and the attacking prowess of Conor Christie.  The Glen Rovers forward top scored with 1-4 over the hour but it was at the back where Armoy won this game. 

After a strong start when they shot into a six point lead, Armoy looked to be cruising to victory.  St Pauls forward James Farrell scored goals either side of Armoys red card to give St Pauls a lifeline.  Armoy reshuffled their pack and as the sides went into the interval tied on the night, promotion was still within the Shaws Road men’s sight.

Armoy stuttered after the restart and St Pauls were taking advantage with Doyle’s major but Armoy tightened up in defence and with Johnny McErlain also in fine form from placed ball, they didn’t panic and weathered the early St Pauls storm.  Second half substitute twice went close for goals along with Declan Chapman but Armoy ‘keeper Conor Devlin rose to the challenge as the game progressed, denying the Shaws Road men with a string of top saves to ensure his side would play in Division Two for the 2020 season.

With the wind swirling on a cold night, it was the Glenshesk men who made the brighter start to this second leg.  Conor Christie firing the opening goal of the match after good work by John Dillon in the build up and when PJ McBride, Johnny McErlain (free) and Emmet O’Hara followed suit, Armoy had a six point lead after just six minutes.

St Pauls weren’t at the races in the early stages but a piece of superb ingenuity from Farrell brought them their first goal and score of the night.  Using his speed to evade the Armoy challengers, Farrell hit the sliotar in front of him to stop getting hooked and found the back of the net.  A Stephen Rooney ’65 followed suit and as St Pauls finally settled into the game, the Shaws Road men were thrown a life line.  McPeake took exception to a challenge from Daire Stevenson and kicked the St Pauls man off the ball.  After consultation with his linesman, referee Brendan Toland had no option but to cut short the Armoy man’s game.

St Pauls had the bit between their teeth and could have had another goal moments later but Doyle’s smart effort bounced off the crossbar and over to cut the Armoy lead to two points.  The Shaws Road side weren’t quite finished as Farrell bagged his second major of the night in the 17th minute.  The sliotar was sent long to the heart of the Armoy defence and Farrell read the bounce perfectly and got between the defenders before finding the back of the net.

Armoy had seen their six point lead turn into a one point deficit and now had a man less but the Glenrovers men steadied the ship in the time that remained of the first half.  Points from John Dillon, O’Hara, Cairan McErlain and two for Johnny McErlain (one free) were in response to scores from Gerard Carberry, Doyle and two from Rooney (one free) to leave the sides tied on 1-9 to 2-6 at the short whistle.

St Pauls were hampered by a number of wides in the first half but they had their tails up again just three minutes after the restart when Doyle found the back of the Armoy net.  Collecting a cross field ball from Colm McLarnon, Doyle made the break and fired low to give Conor Devlin no chance.  The city side sensed the opportunity was there but again their accuracy in front of the target let them down.  Conor Christie fired over his first of four second half points but Armoy had rejigged their shape to nullify the threat of the St Pauls attack and used Tommy Burns and Christie in attack to exploit the spaces left behind.

Colm McLarnon gave St Pauls a three point lead once again in the 42nd minute but that was as close as the Shaws Road side got to overturning the Armoy aggregate lead.  With Cha McCormick, Shane and Arthur Devlin all putting in a monumental shift as well as John Dillon who dropped deeper into a sweeping roll, Armoy frustrated St Pauls for long periods of the second half.

Two huge frees from McErlain either side of another Conor Christie point came in response to Rooney’s fourth white flag of the match but time was running out for St Pauls.  Their hopes all but faded when Christopher Murray was sent off for a dangerous tackle on Conor Christie in the 55th minute and while the threw everything they had at the Armoy goals in the closing stages, the Glenrovers men kept them out with a solid defensive display.  The last score of the game fittingly came from the hurl of Conor Christie and while there were no winners on the night, it’s Armoy who celebrate retaining their Division Two status for next season.


Armoy: Conor Devlin; Shane Devlin, Cha McCormick, Joe McFetridge; Liam Dillon, Arthur Devlin, Joe McBride; Ciaran McErlain, PJ McBride; Johnny McErlain, John Dillon, Emmett O’Hara; Tommy Burns, Daniel McPeake, Conor Christie.

Scorers: Conor Christie 1-4 (2 f’s); Johnny McErlain 0-5 (4 f’s); Emmet O’Hara 0-2; Ciaran McErlain 0-1; PJ McBride 0-1; John Dillon 0-1.

St Paul’s: Joe Gillen; Christopher Murray, Ciaran Hetherington, Sean Bradley; Andrew McMorrow, Daire Stevenson, Sean Lawell; Fiontann Gamble, Declan Chapman; Colm McLarnon, Sean O’Carroll, Stephen Rooney; Patrick Doyle, Gerard Carberry, James Farrell.

Scorers: James Farrell 2-00; Patrick Doyle 1-2; Stephen Rooney 0-4 (1 ’65, 1 f); Gerard Carberry 0-1; Colm McLarnon 0-1.

Referee: Brendan Toland (Lámh Dhearg)

Ballygalget power home in final quarter

ACHL Division 1-2 Promotion / Relegation play-off first leg

Ballygalget 3-22-1-13 Sarsfields

By Kevin Herron at Milltown

Ballygalget took a huge step towards survival in the top tier of Antrim hurling as they outscored Sarsfields 3-07-0-02 in the final quarter of this afternoon’s promotion / relegation first-leg at Milltown.

With just a point separating the sides a Jordan Doran goal tilted the game back into the County Down sides balance after Sarsfields had chased a five-point deficit at the start of the second-half.

Tim Prenter added further goals to give his side a 15-point advantage ahead of the second-leg in a few weeks time and only a mammoth overturn would see Sarsfields clinch promotion to Division One.

The Stewartstown men started the brighter of the sides at Milltown Row and hit the opening two scores through Darragh McGuinness and Niall McKenna (free).

Although Adam Doran angled over Ballygalget’s opening point; Kevin McKernan restored his sides two-point advantage.

Doran doubled his account and Owen Clarke floated the ball over the bar to level after ten minutes with a converted Caolan Coulter free edging the County Down side ahead for the first time (0-04-0-03).

Niall McKenna drew the sides level for the second time just after the midway point in the half – converting a free after a foul on Caolan McKernan.

But back to back points from Cathal Coulter and John McManus had Ballygalget two points to the good.

McKenna twice reduced the deficit to the minimum – converting a free and landing a point from play, though points from Jordan Doran and Marc Fisher (long range free) restored their sides advantage.

Gerard Roddy plucked the ball from the air and conjured a magnificent score and a second placed ball of the half from Marc Fisher had Ballygalget in control with a 0-10-0-06 lead.

Sarsfields were thrown a lifeline with four minutes to the break as Jack Daniels launched a high ball forward that wasn’t dealt with by Ballygalget goalkeeper Gareth ‘Magic’ Johnson as Kevin McKernan profited – scooping the ball to the net to make it a one-point game (0-10-1-06).

Successive points from Daniel Toner and Tim Prenter stretched their sides lead – but Gary Lennon squeezed the ball over from a tight angle to ensure that just two-points separated the sides at the end of an enthralling opening half (0-12-1-07).

Ballygalget began the second period on the front foot and quickly opened up a five-point gap with three unanswered points.

Daniel Toner added to his two-points from the opening half with two converted frees, whilst Tim Prenter conjured up his third point of the game in-between.

Niall McKenna landed his fourth placed ball in response and then played a quick free to Caolan McKernan as the midfielder split the posts.

The Stewartstown side had the bit between their teeth and points from Darragh McGuinness and Ryan Carson reduced the deficit to the bare minimum with twenty minutes remaining (0-15-1-11).

Crucially Sarsfields failed to land the leveller that may have saw them kick on with the momentum and on 43 minutes they were dealt a setback they failed to recover from.

Daniel Toner emerged from a ruck with the sliother and fed Jordan Doran who rifled past Brendan McGibbon to give the Down men a 1-15-1-11 advantage.

Sarsfields may have replied instantly as Caolan McKernan released Gary Lennon – but credit to Gareth Johnson who made himself big and denied the wing-half forward a certain goal.

Toner (free) and Tim Prenter increased Galget’s lead with James McKernan floating the ball over at the other end.

With seven minutes remaining the game was up for the Paddies as Adam Doran’s pass across the face of goal was tucked away by Prenter to make it 2-17-1-12.

Niall McKenna (free) conjured up his sides final score in response – though Ballygalaget ended the game strongly, scoring 1-05 unanswered.

Three of the Down sides last five points came courtesy of Daniel Toner- who brought his personal tally to 0-08 (0-05) arriving from the placed ball and 0-02 of those came late-on.

Adam Doran and John McManus both pointed between times to finish their sides point scoring for the afternoon, though they weren’t finished on the score front altogether.

Sarsfields goalkeeper Brendan McGibbon parried excellently from a stinging Caolan Coulter shot, however a scramble ensued and Tim Prenter prodded the ball home to ensure his side ran out comfortable 3-22-1-13 winners at full-time.

It would take a comeback of epic proportions to see Sarsfields claim promotion to Division One as a strong final quarter looks to secured survival for Ballygalget ahead of the second-leg on September 4th.

Ballygalget: G Johnson, P McManus, M Fisher (0-02, 0-01f; 0-01 65’), J Smyth, P McManus, J McManus (0-02), B Toner, Cathal Coulter (0-01), J Doran (1-01), G Roddy (0-01), O Clarke (0-01), Caolan Coulter, T Prenter (2-04), D Toner (0-08, 0-05f), A Doran (0-02). Subs: C Watson for Cathal Coulter (46 mins); J Hughes for J Doran (58 mins).

Sarsfields: B McGibbon, J Daniels, J Cunningham, K Ward, N McAlea, C Caldwell, J McKernan (0-01), C McKernan (0-01), D McGuinness (0-02), G Lennon (0-01), N McKenna (0-06, 0-05f), R Carson (0-01), T Doherty, M Rea, K McKernan (1-01). Subs: A Stewart for T Doherty (40 mins); M Campbell for J Cunningham (48 mins); J Cunningham for M Rea (55 mins); D McKernan for K McKernan (57 mins); N McDonald for R Carson (60 mins).

Referee: Darren McKeown (St Galls)

Saints seal Division 2 title

Antrim Hurling League Division 2

Naomh Eanna 3-23 Eoghan Ruadh Dungannon 1-17

John McIlwaine reports from Hightown

Naomh Eanna centre back Mark Donaghy solos clear of Eoghan Ruadhs Ben Gormley

Naomh Eanna clinched the Division 2 Hurling League title on Tuesday evening at Hightown when they beat visitors Dungannon Eoghan Ruadh in the final game of the campaign. Twelve points separated the side in the end, which would suggest an easy victory, and though it was convincing in the end for long periods the Tyrone men matched their hosts and certainly made them work for their win. Three early goals were the scores that really won it in the end for the Glengormley men, all three of them coming in the first ten minutes, two from Killian Jennings and one from Dermot Maguire after Eoghan Ruadh had got off to a flyer. That gave them a bit of breathing space but when Lorcan Devlin came back with a goal for the visitors in the twelfth minute they were very much back in the game, trading score for score with the home team and it took a late scoring flurry from Naomh Eanna to give themselves a six point cushion at half time.

Damian Casey once again led the line for Eoghan Ruadh with a series of great scores

The third quarter of the game saw the Tyrone men remain competitive but there was no let-up with Naomh Eanna and they really got on top in the final quarter when they hit eight points without reply to seal the win and seal the league title.

After the game team manager Terence Sambo McNaughton, who just took over at the start of the season, spoke of his satisfaction on achieving what he feels is the first goal for the team. The Ruairi Og and Antrim legend felt the team had gradually improved as the season went on and that he felt it took a bit of time to get his way of thinking through to some of the players. “Look there was good players here before I came and this club has done great work for hurling over the years. I just tried to get them to approach it in a more professional way and show a bit more commitment.” When I put it to him about how much they had improved since their heavy defeat to fellow contenders Sarsfields at the Bear Pit early in the season he replied “You would need to have been here every evening in the past few months just to see how much that improvement has been. If I was to describe it in my terms I felt they treated hurling in the same way I treat playing golf, a bit of fun without taking it too serious. I tried to get it through to them that it had to be treated a lot more seriously and to be fair they took that on board. I told them that if they were really serious about this they would have to commit to the team, to the club and to the man beside you on the pitch and they have done that to be fair”

Naomh Eanna manager Terence McNaughton

Looking forward to Saturday Intermediate Championship opener McNaughton was at pains to point out that winning the league will have no bearing on what is ahead. “I just stressed to the player there that we have to park tonight’s win here and that Saturday will be a different game altogether. Cloney Gaels part nobody soft and it will be a major task to get past them on Saturday.”


Dungannon got away to a flying start on Wednesday evening and had three points on the board inside three minutes, two from sharpshooter Damian Casey and one from Lorcan Devlin. Edward O’Connor opened the Naomh Eanna account with a sweetly struck point from sixty meters in the fourth minute and they took the lead seconds later when centre forward Manus Mullan put corner forward Killian Jennings in for the opening goal. Casey replied with a point for Eoghan Ruadh but goal number two came soon afterwards, Jennings again hitting the target, and the third soon followed when the other corner man Dermot Maguire broke through to finish in style.

At this stage you felt that the home team were going to pull away but that was far from the case as points from Casey and Mulgrew were followed by a Lorcan Devlin goal on twelve minutes which brought the deficit down to a single point. The next fifteen minutes saw the teams trade score for score as Casey hit a few beauties for Dungannon and Ruairi Donaghy, John McGoldrick, Manus Mullan and Killian Jennings replied for the home side. Naomh Eanna had edged four in front by the 25th minute when Casey sent over a free from inside his own half to cut the gap to three, but Naomh Eanna finished strongly and points from Cormac Ross, Killian Jennings and Ryan Bogue gave them a six point cushion at the break.

During the third quarter the gap remained around the six point mark with Dungannon getting it back to five occasionally and the home team stretching it out to seven at times, but you felt if the Tyrone men could get a goal they were still very much in the game. When Casey hit a superb point on the run in the 45th minute the gap was back to five again, but that was to be the visitors last score as Naomh Eanna hit their stride in the final quarter, hitting eight on the trot, some of them right out of the top drawer, to seal the league title in style.

NAOMH EANNA: Philly Curran, Niall O’Connor, Rian Gillan, Ruairi Diamond, Cormac Ross, Mark Donaghy, Joe Maskey, Ryan Bogue, Ruairi Donaghy, Jason Higgins, Manus Mullan, Edward O’Connor, Dermot Magurie, John McGoldrick, Killian Jennings

Subs – Brendan Cormican, Patrick Ross

EOGHAN RUADH: Ciaran McCrudden, Shaun Donaghy, Stephen Donnelly, Padraig Mallon, Padraig McHugh Mark Winters, Jos Ferguson, Mark Devlin, Lorcan Devlin, Damian Casey, Ben Gormley, Cathal McErlean, Matthew Mulgrew, Piaras McErlean, Duibhir Marshall.

Referee – Darren McKeown (Naomh Gall).