Con Magee’s were JFC winners in 1937

A few weeks ago we launched a search to record all the junior football championship winners in Antrim in order to compose a record document for future reference. The response from the public has been great and we have received a substantial number of those winners along with photographs, photographs of winning medals and other items connected to those teams.

Con Magee’s Glenravel won the JFC in 1937 and today we publish a photograph from 1933 which included most of the men who took part in that success.

Con Magees Glenravel first won the Junior Football Championship in 1937, their first county honours.
This team, photographed with the South West League trophy in 1933 featured the majority of the players who collected the JFC title four years later.
Glenravel 1933
Back, L-R, Alex McKeown, John McNaughton, Charlie Scullion, David (Ray) McIlwaine.
Middle row – Paddy Magee, Jim McCann, Charlie Ried, Dan Kearney, David mcCann, Paddy Higgins.
Front, L-R, Frank mclaughlin, Bobby Mcneill, Paddy Carey, Philip Reid, Danny McCann, Jim McLaughlin, Johnny McNeill.

More recently our search has come to a halt and we are struggling to complete that list but the search continues and we hope that today’s article will serve as a reminder to those who may be able to assist us in the completion of the document

We are still missing the winners from 1999, 97, 94, 93, 89, 88, 86, 85, 83, 82, 81, 80, 77, 73, 68, 66, 65, 59, 56, 55, 54, 1940 to1952.

If you have information and photographs on any of the winning teams from the above years send them to: or to

Another Brick in the JFC Wall

I have just received another brick in the JFC Wall from Shane Mullan who informs me that Mitchells won the Junior Football Championship in 2002.


Just seen you’re missing 2002 when Mitchell’s won the championship, they were beaten by eventual Ulster winners Corduff in the first round.

Here’s the Ulster Draw

Draw: Corduff (Monaghan) v John Mitchells (Antrim); Crossmaglen (Armagh) v Cavan champions Urney; Tyrone v Ardglass (Down); Castlefin (Donegal) v Derry champions.

For those of you unfamiliar with this project we are trying to complete an Antrim JFC Role of Honour as there doesn’t appear to be one. The project was the idea of Eire Og man, Conor McKenna who got the ball rolling and sent me a list of recent winners.

Since then the project has been going well with Eunan Walsh from Aghagallon sending us a list of winners from 1927 to 1951 while others have sent photographs and photos of winner’ 1999, 97, s medals as the list has grown.

We are still missing the winners from 1999, 97, 94, 93, 89, 88, 86, 85, 83, 82, 81, 80, 77, 73, 68, 66, 65, 59, 56, 55, 54, 1940 to1952.

Some of these winners are probably Senior Reserve or Second teams as these sides were eligible to play up to the early 80’s.

If your club won the JFC in any of the missing years above please let us know. If you have a photograph from that year please send it to us including a photograph of your winning medal.

A full list of the teams we already have appears earlier on this site under the heading ‘WHAT YEAR DID YOUR CLUB WIN THE JFC’

Answers to or

We’re still filling in the blanks

JFC Roll of Honour

A few days ago we posted an article appealing for information on the Junior Football Championship as we attempt to compile our own role of honour in the competition. Wikipedia carries details of the Senior Football and Hurling winners but there are no records of the Junior and Intermediate championships.

A facebook message from Conor McKenna set the wheels in motion and the Eire Og man got us off to a great start with a list of the most recent winners. The response to our appeal has been great and some of the contributors have sent me photographs and reports on their club’s JFC success.

This week I received a message from Fergal Burke from St. James Aldergrove who defeated Glenarm to win the trophy in 1976 and Fergal included a press cutting containing a report on the game which I have included in this article.

The roll of honour and details of how to update it with your side’s success in the competition are contained in the article ‘What year did your club win the JFC’ which was posted on the Saffron Gael site earlier in the week and thanks to our readers response we are slowly getting there but there are quite a few blanks still to be filled in.

I’m including contact details again in case you can’t find the article: or

What year did your club win the Junior Football Championship?

Yesterday I received a Facebook message from Conor McKenna from Eire Og. As anyone will know if they are looking for references Wikipedia carries a list of all Senior Football & Hurling Championship winners going back to 1902 but there are no such lists of Junior or Intermediate championship winners.


Conor: Hey Paddy, hope you are well. Curious question. Do you know where I could get a list of all the Antrim junior football championship winners year by year dating right back? No particular reason just being nosey

just been reading the senior winners on Wikipedia and curious to know. Probably a long shot but thought you might be the one to ask

I don’t Conor, it’s something Curly and I have discussed in the past. There’s Senior on Wikipedia but no Intermediate or Junior. It’s a project that somebody should undertake. If you fancy taking it on or know someone who would we’d be glad to help out


This is all I have from my time of playing (my first season playing senior football was 08) and I know my club Eire Og haven’t won it since 01 (hopefully I’ll get one for myself) lol


Pretty sure that’s all right though

You sent

That’s interesting Conor, If you find out any more let me know. I’ll speak to John and we will maybe get it up on the site and see if anyone can fill in the blanks. I think my own club won it back in 89 but I’ll have to check the date


Eire Og won it in 1938 and 1979 as well, but that’s all I know lol. Just took a notion and thought it would be good to know


Only a guess but I’m sure McDermott’s won a couple before they folded in 2013

You sent

Yes I think so and I believe Glenarm won one or more


Glenarm have some football titles?

Conor sent me this list but it only goes back to 2008 although he points out that his own club Eire Og won it in 2001 and further back in 1938 and 1979. I can’t confirm that this is totally accurate but it looks OK to me.

What I would like to do is fill in the blanks and take the list back as far as possible.

Did your club win the JFC? What year-years was it and maybe you know who captained your team or have a photograph from it.

If the project is successful we could possibly extend it to include Intermediate football and Junior and Intermediate Hurling but for now we will concentrate on the Junior Football and see where it takes us.

Send your answers to or to

Conor’s List

Help us to fill in the blanks and add to the list

2021 – St Comgall’s

 2020 Ardoyne

2019 Lisburn

2018 Glenravel

2017 Sarsfield’s

2016 Glenravel

2015 Davitts – beat Glenravel

2014 St Malachy’s

2013 Davitts

2012 Ardoyne

2011 O’Donnells

2010 O’Donnell’s

2009 St Teresa’s beat Davitt’s (reference – Anto McGratten)

2008 McDermott’s (Anto McGratten)

2007 Ahoghill

2006 – Ardoyne beat St Malahy’s (reference – Anto McGratten)

2005 – St Malachy’s beat Mitchels (reference – Anto McGratten)

2004 – St Brigid’s beat St Malachy’s (reference – Anto McGratten)

2003 – Rasharkin Reserves (Karol Doherty-thats when Resaerve teams were allowed to compete)

2002 – Mitchell’s (Shane Mullan)


Just seen you’re missing 2002 when Mitchels won the championship, they were beaten by eventual Ulster winners Corduff in the first round.

Here’s the Ulster Draw

Draw: Corduff (Monaghan) v John Mitchells (Antrim); Crossmaglen (Armagh) v Cavan champions Urney; Tyrone v Ardglass (Down); Castlefin (Donegal) v Derry champions.

2001 – Eire Og

1999 – Con Magees Glenravel

1998 St. Comgalls

1996 Lamh Dhearg

1995 St Comgalls ( From Chris McErlain)

1992 Ahoghill

1991 Cargin Reserves

1990 St. Pats Lisburn beat Davitt’s

1989 Gort na Mona v Aghagallon (Peter Bunting)

1988 St. Paul’s beat Aghagallon (Peter Bunting)

1987 Portglenone (From Martin McCarry)

1984 All Saints (From Jim Brady)

1982 St. John’s beat Glenarm (Paddy Quinn)

1981 Glenavy beat Ardoyne

1979 Eire Og

1978 Gael Uladh –

Thanks to Desmond Gallagher for sending the info that Gael Uladh won the 1978 JFC and also sending a photo of the medal he won that year.

1976 St. James Aldergrove (From Fergal Burke)

1975 St John’s

Jim Donnelly’s 1975 medal which he won with St John’s

1974 – O’Donnell’s *

1973 Dunloy beat St Malachy’s

1972 St. Comgalls

1971 Pearses

1970 St. Teresa’s

1969 Glenavy

1967 Lamh Dhearg (From Sean Maguire)

1964 Ahoghill beat Dwyers (From Colum Graham)

1963 Padraig Moran’s beat Ahoghill

1962 – Con Magees beat Lamh Dhearg

1961 Pearses beat Ahoghill

1960 Sarsfields beat Dunloy

1958 – St Mary’s Rasharkin

1957 McCrackens bt Creggan

1953 Cargin Reserves

1945 Dunloy beat Gaffney’s

1942 – -Creggan beat O’Connor’s (Patrick McAteer)

1941 – Sarsfields beat Creggan (Patrick McAteer)

1940 Sarsfields

1938 Eire Og

1937 Con Magees Glenravel

The Glenravel team which won the South West League in1933 were still there when the club won the JFC in 1937
Back, L-R, Alex McKeown, John McNaughton, Charlie Scullion, David (Ray) McIlwaine. Middle row – Paddy Magee, Jim McCann, Charlie Ried, Dan Kearney, David mcCann, Paddy Higgins. Front, L-R, Frank mclaughlin, Bobby Mcneill, Paddy Carey, Philip Reid, Danny McCann, Jim McLaughlin, Johnny McNeill.

1934 Ballycastle

1928 Toome Lamb Dhearg

1923 – Dunloy beat O’Rahilly’s

1922 Larne (From Robert Bannon)

A great addition to this article, which was sent to me by Eunan Walsh of Aghagallon. Eunan was sent them by his grandad Seamus and his uncle Denis
Dalcassians GFC who won the Antrim JFC in 1956. Dalcassians were one of three clubs in the Aghagallon area at that time, who eventually came together to form the current club St Mary’s
The great Shamrocks team of the late 1940s and 1950s. who won the JFC title in 1949.. Dermot McCrory,Seamus Kane,Berty Magee,Mark McKavanagh,Harry Sands, D Mulholland, Joe McKavanagh, Pat McCrystal, Tommy McAlinden,Seamus Nelson,Gerry McHenry, Gerry O’Neill, Joe Heaney, Eddie Fegan,Pat Lavery.

Naomh Comhghall’s Ulster Dreams shattered at Breffni

Ulster Junior Club Football Championship quarter-final

Denn (Cavan) 2-15 Naomh Comhghall 0-6

Antrim Junior champions, Naomh Comhghall had their Ulster dreams well and truly shattered by an excellent Denn of Cavan at Breffni Park on Saturday evening. The Antrim town side went into their Ulster debut without three key players from their Antrim county final victory over Rasharkin and set up defensively in an effort to contain the Denn men.

Things appeared to be going to plan when the sides went into the first water break tied on two points each but significantly the Cavan champions had kicked eight wides during an opening period where they dominated possession.

Cavell Keogan pointed Denn ahead in the opening minute and the Cavan men might have been further ahead but were guilty of some poor shooting and when Naomh Comhghall hit back with points from Miles Devine and Dylan Murdock to take the lead by the 9th minute things appeared to be going the way of the Antrim champions.

The Cavan side continued to create and waste chances before the impressive Ben Conaty levelled matters just before the water break and the same player edged his side ahead with his second of the game in the 22nd minute.

Denn were pushing up on their opponents and forcing turn overs as Naomh Comhghall found it increasingly difficult to penetrate a hard tackling defence and Leon Cobey stole forward from defence to fire over in the 25th minute and the right back might have had a goal.

The Cavan side continued to edge the opening half exchanges as Conaty took his personal tally to three to leave his side leading by 0-5 to 0-2 at the short whistle but at this stage there was little indication of what was to come in the second half.

Adrian Dougan’s side needed a good start to the second half if they were to get back into this game but it was the Cavan men who opened on the front foot and a good build up opened the Naomh Comhghall defence wide open and Thomas Edward Donohoe finished to the corner of the net with just two minutes on the clock.

Stephen Baxter’s side were beginning to play with great confidence and flow as goalkeeper, Mark Fegan stepped up to convert a ‘45’ and Oisin Kiernan and Caolain McCabe added two more as the Antrim men struggled to break out of defence.

Dylan Murdock, who was outstanding for the losers finally opened their second half account with a point in the 41st minute but the momentum was now with Denn as they replied with points fromThomas Edward Donohoe and James Brady.

St. Comgall’s never gave up as they continued to probe for an opening with substitute Peter McAuley pointing after making a mark and Tom Patchett added another to the approval of the Antrim town support but it was going to take something special to get them back into contention.

The Cavan champions were in no mood to let that happen as they finished in devastating fashion with Eoin Reilly firing home their second goal with ten minutes remaining and points from Ben Conaty, Mark Fegan, Cian McGann, Conor Courtney and Thomas Edward Donohoe in reply to a consolation point from Dylan Murdock, saw them run out convincing winners.

Naomh Comhghall: Anto Watson, Ryan McAuley, Kian Walker, Caolan O’Loan, Ruairi Griffin, Dylan Murdock, Michael McCabe, Miles Devine, Danaan O’Hara, Tom Patchett, Lewis Higgins, Paddy O’Connor, Oisin Crilly, James mcCabe, Paddy Quinn.