North Antrim U12 Airborne continues on Saturday



Venue:           Dunloy

   Date / Time:         Saturday 16th March  12:00pm

    Teams:  Loughguile 1,  Oisin,  Dunloy,  Ballycastle, Ruairi og,  Naomh Eanna , Naomh Padraig, .

Note:  All matches 6 minutes Each way

Teams            Start   Finish Ref      Score Keeper

Ruairi og       V         Dunloy          12:00 13:06 Oisin   N Padraig

Ballycastle    V         N Eanna        12:07 12:13 Ruairi og       Dunloy

N Padraig      V         Oisins 12:14 12:20 Ballycastle    N Eanna

Loughguile   V         Dunloy          12:21 12:27 N Padraig      Oisins

Ruairi Og       V         Oisins 12:28 12:34 Dunloy          Loughguile

Balllycastle   V         N Padraig      12:35 12:41 Ruairi og       Oisins

Oisins V         Loughguile  12:42 12:48 Ballycastle    N Padraig

N Eanna        V         N Padraig      12:49 12:55 Loughguile   Oisins

Ruairi og       V         Ballycastle    12:56 1:02   N Eanna        N Padraig

Oisins V         Dunloy          1:03   1:09   Ruairi og       Ballycastle

Loughguile               Ballycastle    1:10   1:16   Dunloy          Oisins

N Eanna                    Ruairi og       1:17   1:23   Loughguile   Ballycastle

Ballycastle                Dunloy          1:24   1:30   N Eanna        Ruairi og

N Eanna                    Loughguile   1:31   1:37   Ballycastle    Dunloy

N Padraig                  Ruairi og       1:38   1:44   Loughguile   N Eanna

Oisin               Ballycastle    1:45   1:51   N Padraig      Ruairi og

N Padraig                  Loughguile   1:52   1:58   Oisins Ballycastle

Dunloy                      N Eanna        1:59   2:05   N Padraig      Loughguile

Ruairi og                   Loughguile   2:06   2:12   Dunloy          N Eanna

Oisins             N Eanna        2:13   2:19   Ruairi og       Loughguile

 Dunloy                     N Padraig      2:20   2:26   Oisins N Eanna


Venue:           Dunloy

   Date / Time:         Saturday 16th March 2:30pm

    Teams:  Loughgiel 1,  Oisin,  Dunloy, Ruairi og, Naomh Eanna, Naomh Padraig,

Note:  All matches 6 minutes Each way

Teams            Start   Finish Ref      Score Keeper

N Padraig      V         Dunloy          2:30   2:36   N Padraig      Ballycastle

Oisins V         N Eanna        2:37   2:43   Dunloy          N Padraig

Ruairi og       V         Loughguile   2:44   2:50   Oisins N Eanna

Dunloy          V         N Eanna        2:51   2:57   Loughguile   Ruairi og

Loughguile   V         N Padraig      2:58   3:04   N Eanna        Dunloy

Oisins V         Ballycastle    3:05   3:11   N Padraig      Loughguile

N Padraig      V         Ruairi og       3:12   3:18   Oisins Ballycastle

Loughguile   V         N Eanna        3:19   3:25   Ruairi og       N Padraig

Ballycastle                V         Dunloy          3:26   3:32   Loughguile   N Eanna

N Eanna        V         Ruairi og       3:33   3:39   Ballycastle    Dunloy

Loughguile               Ballycastle    3:40   3:46   Ruairi og       N Eanna

Dunloy                      Oisins 3:47   3:53   Ballycastle    Loughguile

Ruairi og                   Ballycastle    3:54   4:00   Dunloy          Oisins

N Padraig                  N Eanna        4:01   4:07   Ruairi og       Ballycastle

Oisins             Loughguile   4:08   4:14   N Eanna        N Padraig

Ballycastle                N Padraig      4:15   4:21   Oisins Loughguile

Ruairi og                   Oisins 4:22   4:28   N Padraig      Ballycastle

Loughguile               Dunloy          4:29   4:35   Ruairi og       Oisins

N Padraig                  Oisins 4:36   4:42   Dunloy          Loughguile

N Eanna                    Ballycastle    4:43   4:49   N Padraig      Oisins

Dunloy                      Ruairi og       4:50   4:56   Ballycastle    N Eanna


Venue   Tir Na nOg

   Date / Time:         Saturday 16th MARCH  12.00pm

    Teams:  St Ergnats, All Saints, Glenravel, Glenarm,

Note:  All matches 6 minutes 

Teams            Start   Finish Ref      Score Keeper

All Saints       V         St Ergnats     12:00 12:06 Glenravel      Glenarm

Glenravel      V         Glenarm        12:07 12:13 All Saints       S t Ergnats

St Ergnats     V         Glenravel      12:14 12:20 Glenarm        All Saints

Glenarm        V         AllSaints        12:21 12:27 St Ergnats     Glenravel

All Saints       V         Glenravel      12:28 12:34 Glenarm        St Ergnats

Glenarm        V         St Ergnats     12:35 12:41 All Saints       Glenravel


Venue   Tir Na nOg

    Date / Time:         Saturday 9th MARCH  1pm

    Teams:  St Endas, Tir Na nOg, Loch Mor, Creggan

Note:  All matches 6 minutes 

Teams            Start   Finish Ref      Score Keeper

St Endas        V         Tir  N a nOg  13:10 13:16 Creggan        Loch Mor

Loch Mor      V         Creggan        13:17 13:23 St Endas        Tir Na nOg

Creggan        V         Tir Na nOg    13:24 13:30 Loch Mor      St Endas

St Endas        V         Loch Mor      13:31 13:37 Tir Na nOg    Creggan

Creggan        V         St Endas        13:38 13:44 Loch Mor      Tir Na nOg

Loch Mor      V         Tir Na nOg    13:45 14:51 Creggan        St Endas


Lenny not doing the Lotto as Wicklow visit Corrigan

Allianz NFL Division 4

Antrim v Wicklow

Saturday 2-00 (Corrigan)

Antrim manager, Lenny Harbison could be forgiven if he’s not doing the Lottery at present. The former All Ireland club championship winner with St. Gall’s will surely feel that lady luck has deserted him and his Saffron charges as they head into the penultimate round of the National League with a meagre two points on board from five starts in this year’s campaign.

It could have been all so different and Antrim might well have been looking at the possibility of promotion if they had been blessed with a rub of the green. Derry, Leitrim and Waterford beat Antrim by a single point and Wexford looked there for the taking before eventually running out four point winners at Wexford Park.

Perhaps their defeat two weeks ago in Waterford was hardest to take. Antrim performed admirably in the opening half and were perhaps unfortunate to trail by a point at the break despite playing into the breeze.

It looked at last to be coming together for the visitors early in the second half when a goal from Stephen Beatty pushed them five in front mid-way through the second half but Waterford finished strongly to win by a point.

Antrim failed to score in the closing quarter despite having opportunities and their lack of belief is perhaps understanding given what has gone before this season. They looked to have turned the corner a week earlier when they defeated London at Corrigan despite being reduced to 14 men late in the first half.

Like winning, losing can become a habit and Saturday’s visit of Wicklow will provide the Saffron’s with another opportunity to get a second win under their belts and lift morale going into their final game against Limerick before starting their preparations for a ‘David v Goliath’ Ulster championship meeting with Tyrone.

A poor enough season to date and the Antrim management will be hoping that Lady Luck will be shining on them from the Black mountain as Wicklow provide them with another opportunity to turn the corner.

Wicklow have fared a little better that Antrim with wins over Waterford and Limerick and are one of four sides with 4 points with Antrim and London languishing at the bottom of the table with 2. Wicklow conceded two goals against Derry at Celtic Park going down 2-8 to 0-9 with Conor McGraynor 0-3, Stephen Duffy 0-2, Mark Jackson 0-2, Mark Kenny 0-1 and Jamie Snell 0-1 their marksmen. Manager John Evans was left to lament the misunderstanding regarding the mark that led to Derry’s opening goal in their five-point victory over the Garden County.

In any game that is tight, goals can be crucial, with Evans of the belief that it was Derry’s goals which proved the only difference between the two sides.

Despite those defeats Antrim are unlikely to undergo many changes in personnel. The side has virtually picked itself throughout the league campaign with Ricky Johnston, Patrick Gallagher, Pat McCormick, Michael McCarry, Declan Lynch, Martin Johnston, Kevin Quinn, Stephen Beatty, Matt Fitzpatrick, Paddy McBride Colum Duffin and Ryan Murray ever present.

Antrim may rotate the goalkeepers, bringing in Eamon Hasson for Paddy Nugent while Niall Delargy, Odhran Eastwood, James McAuley, Eoghan McKeown, Eoghan McCabe, Eunan Walsh and Ruairi McCann all hoping for the nod for the remaining starting places.

McBride and Murray have provided most of Antrim’s scoring thrust to date while Stephen Beatty weighed in with a goal against Waterford and the management will be hoping for a greater spread of scores on Saturday.

Going the extra mile for your club

On Sunday, like thousands of other GAA fans (fanatics) I braved the storm in order to attend a GAA game. In my case as a photographer-reporter my first stop was Slemish Park in Ballymena for a Feile game between All Saints and Rasharkin.

The game lasted a mere five minutes before the biting wind and snow brought it to a halt. Referee Ciaran Lagan made the only decision possible, in my opinion and one of the South West’s newest referees should be applauded.

First of all for turning up on a bitter cold morning to make the game possible and then acting in the best interests of the children who were taking part when he decided to halt proceeding as the snow began to pour from the sky.

Despite the less than favourable forecast  I decided to head to Ballinderry where Tir na nOg were facing St. Patrick’s Gortin in the Ulster Intermediate final not sure if I would have the opportunity to photograph or not but I’m glad I did.

Despite a bitter cold wind and a few skiffs of rain the game went ahead on an excellent Ballinderry pitch, again only made possible by the attendance of referee Enda McFeely from Kilcar in Donegal and a very efficient band of umpires and linesmen, all of who accompanied him on the day.

Tir na nOg won their first Ulster Intermediate football title as St. Patrick’s contributed to their own downfall by having two players dismissed in the opening half. In both cases referee McFeeley consulted with his neutral linesmen and umpires before showing straight Red cards.

As the referee left the field with his linesmen and umpires at the end of the game I took a photograph and on closer examination afterwards I was surprised to see that one of Enda McFeeley’s umpires was no other than RTE pundit and former All Ireland winner, Martin McHugh.

Making my way back home to Ballymena as the dark clouds re-emerged over Slemish I reflected on the commitment made by Enda McFeeley and his officials with Martin McHugh’s presence thought provoking.

It wasn’t that he performed his duties any better than the six men who had accompanied him to Ballinderry but that even with his high profile he was willing to give up his Sunday to help out his club official in the execution of his duty.

All over Ireland on Sunday and indeed every Sunday car loads of referees and officials set out to perform similar duties. People like Ciaran Lagan, Enda McFeeley are a rare breed. Our games only take place because of these men and woman who are prepared to go the extra mile and more often than not their only reward is abuse and vilification.  

Give our referees a wee break this season!

North Antrim U12 Airborne continues this weekend

It’s as you were after Saturday’s U12 Airborne in Dunloy and Randalstown. In Dunloy Ruairi Og Cushendall dominated both division 1 and 2 but all teams will return this Saturday to finish the grading process and a place in the semi-finals the following week.

It will be the same in Randalstown where only three sides, Creggan, Tir na nOg and St. Enda’s appeared for the first day of grading in division 3 and these teams will return for a second day of grading games next week.

We will bring you fixtures for next Saturday’s games later in the week

Snowball or football as weather calls a halt at Slemish Park?

Was it football or snowball at Slemish Park, Ballymena where 30 brave young men took to the field to contest the second round game of this year’s Feile.

In cold, windy but playable conditions referee, Ciaran Lagan threw in the ball to get All Saints v Rasharkin under way but conditions worsened almost immediately with the arriving snow blown by the strong wind beating towards the Woodside Road end.

The Portglenone official wisely called proceedings to a halt with no objection from either set of players, mentors or supporters who will all be hoping for improved conditions for the re-fixed game.