Moneyglass stay on the winning trail

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All County Football League Division Two

Moneyglass 1-16 Michael Davitt’s 1-09

Despite a sluggish start to the 2016 season St Ergnat’s Moneyglass do seem to have turned the corner and they stayed on the winning trail on Wednesday evening when they completed their latest assignment with a seven point win over the visiting Michael Davitt’s.

Having taken home the Reserve Shield championship with an excellent win over St Brigid’s in the decider up at Glenavy on Friday evening the senior side continued on the positive and ahead from the early stages they always looked in control in this one.

The Davitt’s men have found the going tough thus far in their progress through the league but the Twinbrook side came to the South West in the positive frame of mind and indeed they were quicker out of the starting traps then their hosts.

The West Belfast men had the elements as a friend in the opening thirty minutes and they started on the offensive in search of an opening score.

The Moneyglass defensive unit which was to prove solid throughout stood firm and repulsing a couple of early attacks it was a well laid counter which opened the way for Liam Brady to fire over the opening score.

Patrick Mc Cormick provided the delivery for the corner forward to raise a third minute white and after Conor Boyd delivered a fourth minute free over the bar the former came confidently forward from his defensive role to add another and see the home side at 0-03 to 0-00.

Moneyglass continued to push forward and a Seanachan Duffin point extended the advantage but Davitt’s were on the board shortly thereafter as Aaron Slane clipped a 25 metre free kick between the posts and when a superb delivery from Anthony Rowntree found David Nugent on the edge of the Moneyglass square the wing half forward blasted up and over the bar when a goal looked possible.

The Twinbrook men had been under the cosh for a time but they hinted at better things to come with their confident approach work suggesting they were more than capable of causing problems for the home side.

The St Ergnat’s rear guard were to stand tall for the main part however and although the visitors got it together at times in approach more often than not they were to be thwarted in intentions by a defensive unit led by Donal Laverty and including up and coming youngsters like Sean Kelly and Patrick Mc Cormick.

The home side were well on the way it seemed when a well constructed approach to involve quick hands and a slick approach opened the way for Liam Brady to find the net in the 14th minute and when Gavin Murray fired over the bar a minute later they looked in charge, leading 1-06 to 0-02.

Davitt’s regained their composure for a time and driven on by their best on view, mid-fielder Ryan Park, they had the better of the next phase.

It was a grand fetch and a similarly good delivery by Park which opened the way for David Nugent to send between the posts in the 19th minute and when the former added back to back points himself the gap was reduced to four and the visitors looked to have settled.

Colm Duffin, who has recently returned for Australia, had the next point following a strong drive through the middle to see the home side back in the groove and indeed they may well have increased advantage in the last minute of the period as the cross bar intervened to ensure Gavin Murray’s lobbed delivery did not find the net.The home side led 1-07 to 0-05 at the short blast.


Moneyglass started with the elements as friend in the second portion and points apiece from Padraig Mackle and Paul Tohill increased advantage but back came the Twinbrook men as the hugely impressive Ryan Park added back to back replies in kind.

Indeed the city side were far from out of it and when Aaron Slane clipped over another point they were back within four points of their hosts.

Seanachan Duffin added a score at the other end to see the home side regain composure and when his brother added another they Moneyglass men were back in control

The last quarter reached and the home side looked in control and with a strong rear guard posting a ‘no entry’ sign to thwart the Davitt’s attack as they sought scores.

Moneyglass were in charge for the main part and with when Paul Tohill and Liam Brady (2), raised further white flags to make it 1-14 to 0-08 the end was in sight.

Tempers flared for a time and after a brief altercation but order was soon restored as a couple were shown yellow and Davitt’s centre back Daniel Wallace picked up ‘black’, but the issue was well resolved and the home side in charge added a couple more scores as the Duffin brothers, Colm and Tiarnan added points apiece.

Davitt’s had the last say when replacement Liam Mc Givern added a late goal as he rose to collect a Chris Rafferty delivery and blast to the net but the late major arrived as consolation with the long blast which closely followed saw Moneyglass breast the winning line, job done and points secured at 1-16 to 1-09.

Referee Jarleth O’ Donnell (Con Magees)



Mark Carey, Sean Kelly, Donal Laverty, Miron Neeson, Patrick Mc Cormick (0-01), James Mc Meel, Seamus Devlin, Tiarnan Duffin (0-01), Colm Duffin (0-02), Gavin Murray (0-01), Paul Tohill (0-02), Conor Boyd (0-01), Liam Brady (1-05), Seanachan Duffin (0-01), Padraig Mackle (0-01).


Dermot Mc Erlaine (0-01) for S Devlin

Niall Boyd for G Murray

Chris Mc Greevey for S Duffin

Declan Neeson for T Duffin

Stephen Magill for C Mc Greevey (black card)

Michael Davitt’s

Daniel Nugent, Conor Toner, Michael Rowntree, Chris Rafferty, Nathan Maginn, Daniel Wallace, Niall Hayes, Anthony Rowntree (0-01), Ryan Park (0-04), Jim Lyndsay (0-01), Dan Largy (0-01), David Nugent (0-01), Aaron Slane (0-02), Jay Close, Stephen Dobbin.


Liam Mc Givern (1-00) for S Dobbin

Fra Ambrose for Jay Close

Ciaran Harkin for D Wallace (black card)






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