Early goal provides impetus as Aghagallon Secure Title


Congratulations to St. Mary’s U14’s on winning the South West league final

Thomas Devlin Car Sales under-Under-14 League  (Final)

St Mary’s Aghagallon 1-10 Erin’s Own Cargin 1-05

St Mary’s Aghagallon are the South West division’s under-14 league champions for 2018 after an early goal provided the impetus for their eventual victory gained over a gallant Cargin side at a pleasant if windy Hightown on Sunday afternoon.

Having the wind as assistant on the St Enda’s elevated arena the St Mary’s side made good use of the friendly elements in the early phase, and after Enda Mc Cartan, who was to complete as top scorer opened their account with a 4th minute point Gareth Reavey added a goal a couple of minutes later as the center forward collected from the penalty spot.

The man in the middle had adjudged Enda McCartan was the victim of an illegal challenge inside the area and although the decision did prompt protestations from the bystanders in the Cargin corner the decision stood, and centre forward Reavey slotted the leather confidently to the corner of the net.

Away to a great start in pursuit of the under-14 title the Aghagallon lads with the proverbial ‘wind in their sails’ went in search of further scores.

The Cargin lads, who had claimed the ‘Feile’ title early in the season were finding the going tough facing a strong fifteen in opposition with an obviously physical superiority quite apparent, and with the wind in their faces as well problems were evident.

Erin’s Own were not overawed and Tom Shivers was just off target in the 10th minute before the intervention of the Aghagallon net-minder Gavin Behan prevented them opening account.

Cahir O’ Boyle had collected the ball away on the right hand side after a Conhuir Johnston strike was caught in the breeze and it took the smart intervention of the keeper to prevent the crisply delivered ‘daisy cutter’ from finding the corner of the net.

A smart save at one end was quickly replicated at the other however and Cargin keeper Shea Laverty was seen at his best when Jonny Hannon sent the strong running Enda Mc Cartan in on target but with a goal seemingly at his mercy he was denied access by the Cargin net minder.

Despite the Toome lads standing tall in resistance with Callum Gribbin and Ciaran Mc Peake working hard in defence a strong and direct run from Aghagallon center-forward Gareth Reavey, who had claimed an early goal from the penalty strike, added a point in the 16th minute.

Cargin did get to open their scoring account in the 18th minute when Tom Shivers defied the wind to send directly over the bar after a strong Conan Johnston run opened the gap but the St Mary’s lads had the final say on the board in the opening quarter when the strong running Jonny Hannon delivered a 20th minute point to see his side at 1-05 to 0-01 at the short whistle.

With the wind as a friend in the second twenty minutes Cargin went looking for an early score but in the event it was to be Aghagallon who were first away with an early point from left winger Conor Toland.

Cargin replied shortly after as Tom Shivers despatched a close free over the bar when Conhuir Johnston looked to have been impeded inside the square.

The talented full forward had been very closely attended by Eddie Wilson throughout but on more than one occasion the envisaged danger posed by the former was curtailed by several with a positive return.

Despite facing the elements in the second half Aghagallon continued to dominate and working as a unit they proceeded to take the game to the Toome lads.

Full back Eddie Wilson was out in front again to intercept and after proceeding with the ball in hand for an eye catching solo dash he was halted in flight by an illegal challenge.

Enda Mc Cartan despatched the resultant award directly over the bar.

The St Mary’s lads had the impetus as full forward McCartan proceeded to add another brace of points to see his side in the calm waters afforded by a 1-09 to 0-02 lead.

The Cargin cause did look forlorn as the game clock ticked onwards but they were not to lose focus as they continued to push forward and a chink of light was to be sighted at the end of the tunnel in the 35th minute as Conhuir Johnston found the net.

Tom Shivers had delivered a rasper towards the net after Callum Gribbin, who had an excellent outing delivered into the danger area and after consultation with his linesman awarded a penalty which the Cargin full forward blasted to the back of the net,

Little time remained for the Erin’s Own lads but the relocation of Cahir Donnelly out from his full back role to a more forward role proved  a positive move and Cargin finished with a flourish.

Conhuir Johnston was fouled close to the  ‘box’ in the 37th minute bur a free was the verdict instead of a penalty with the close placed effort easily sent between the posts.

Aghagallon responded as another gut wrenching approach by full back Eddie Wilson opened the way for another Enda Cartan score as he forwarded between the posts.

The die had long since been cast and although the gallant Toome lads had the last say as another indiscretion on Conhuir Johnston was despatched between the posts by Tom Shivers such was obviously in consolation as the St Mary’s lads crossed the winning line as under-14 league champions at 1-10 to 1-05.

Aghagallon: Gavin Behan, Eoin Magill, Eddie Wilson, Sam Thomas, James Mc Cormick, Ciaran Mc Guinness, James Hamill, Jonny Hannon (0-02), Paudie Gowdy, Callum Mulholland, Gareth Reavey (1-01), Conor Toland (0-01), Joseph Mc Donald (0-01), Enda Mc Cartan (0-05), Nathan Gowdy

Cargin: Shea Laverty, Jack Harney, Cahir Donnelly, Hugh O’ Donnell, Callum Gribbin, Craig Thornton, Ciaran Mc Peake, Conan Johnston, Charlie Mc Cann, Cahir O’ Boyle, Tom Shivers (0-03), Caomhinn Kennedy, Ben Mc Larnon, Conhuir Johnston (1-02), Diarmuid Quinn


Subs: Brogan McNally for D Quinn


Referee John Hasson (All Saint’s)


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