Feeling of regret rather than heart: Cassidy

By Kevin Herron 

Cargin manager Damian Cassidy dismissed any suggestion that he could have taken heart from his sides second-half fight back against Gweedore as the Antrim champions exited the AIB Ulster Senior Football Championship after a 3-11-1-13 defeat by the Donegal natives. 

Instead Cassidy’s feeling was of regret that his charges failed to put in a constant display and waited until they were ten points adrift before battling back into contention. 

“I don’t know how I would describe it as taking heart – certainly from a point of view of the team going out and representing themselves and showing what they can do” reflected Cassidy. 

“The overriding feeling in truth is – why did we not perform like that in the first half? I can’t answer that question. I just did not see it coming – it was like two different teams, it was like we walked in with one team and walked out with a different set of fifteen players in the second-half. It isn’t so much about heart but about regret”. 

Former Derry All-Ireland winner Cassidy was at loss to explain his sides below par first-half showing and admired the overriding feeling at the end was that the Erin Own’s men had gifted Gweedore victory. 

“I can’t explain the first-half” said Cassidy. 

“All the things that we were supposed to do we weren’t doing and all the stuff we were supposed to do we did in the second-half it’s puzzling. In the second-half we showed what we could have done and if we had have backed two halves together we could have been looking at a different outcome – I feel that we’ve given it away”. 

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