Will you, the reader, support the Saffron Gael

The championship season is in full swing and the Saffron Gael is flat out trying to cover as many games as we possibly can. Our sponsors and the clubs have kept us going with their continued support but we need you the reader to come on board to keep things going.

We are asking our readers to show your support by signing up by direct debit for £5 per month, that’s just £1.25 a week.

Think on it £1.25 would not buy you a cup of coffee

Each week we have between eighteen and twenty thousand different readers on the site, with between forty and fifty thousand hits. If we could get a fraction of them signing up to support us it would make a big, big difference. As we have often said we do not want to put the site behind a pay-wall as we feel it is very important that everyone has access to the content.

For those who already make a monthly contribution through PayPal just continue doing it that way.

We are asking you to sign up for £5 per month by setting up a direct debit. The Saffron Gael account details are

Sort Code –    950679

Account no. – 60144215  

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