O’Donovan Rossa teams up with NUI Galway

Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh, Mayor of Belfast Daniel Baker, O’Donovan Rossa Chairwoman Margaret Flynn

This affords an element of certainty for students in the post-Brexit world who will benefit from lower fees than they would encounter at home or in Britain, so the decision to sponsor Rossa’s U16s who will be starting to think of university choices is apt.”We are very happy to host Pól Ó Dochartaigh who had announced the sponsorship of four teams: hurling, football, ladies football and camogie,” confirmed Rossa cair, Margaret Flynn.”We are hoping to forge a link so when our children are thinking of where they are going to go when doing their A-Levels is to think seriously about Galway. “We also have the opportunity to bring development squads from Rossa down to get elite coaching and play local teams, so this has the opportunity to be something good for the university and our club.”Our children will remember this, that somebody from here has come back to do something for them. It’s a start and something we want to develop.”Lord Mayor, Danny Baker said he was delighted to host this launch and with his own children members of Rossa, promoting opportunities for our brightest and best to continues their studies in Ireland and bringing those skills back to their home city and club is a huge plus for the local community and Belfast as a whole.”I’m delighted to host this today,” said Councillor Baker.”It’s a great opportunity for me, the First Citizen, to invite Rossa down. My children are part of the club and they have benefitted from being members.”It’s great to see these connections forged with universities throughout Ireland, because too many talented young people go off to university in England or further afield and don’t come home. We want to keep that talent at home in Belfast and whether it’s through sport or job opportunities through education, it’s very important to keep our best here.”

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