Davitt’s Day

Saturday’s game at Davitt Park between Antrim and All Ireland champions Tipperary was a spectactle with 4 goal and 46 points scored overall. Great skill and determination on show from both sides in a top class game that entertained us all.

However the day was all about Davitt’s. After all the work that Tommy Shaw and his committee have put in over the years to make their dream a reality it would have been a great shame if Storm Ciara would have spoiled the party, but thankfully she followed the female pattern of being suitabley late on her big day. The threat of the storm had no effect on the fans and they turned up in great numbers, sitting on the grass bank as if it were summer. Our visitors were fantastic. The men from Tipp were always courtious and accomodating and the way they stayed out on the pitch aftewards signing autographs and posing for photos was incredible. The All Ireland champions created a lot of good memories in West Belfast. The Antrim players also played a bit part of course and like their Tipperary counterparts they were top class. I left the field with big Seamie Callinan after the Tipperaryman had granted all requests for pics and autographs and on the way down the steps there was Neil McManus still doing the same.

The Davitt’s stewards were on top form all day, helping with every request and always beaming with pride at just how good their new pitch and facilites looked. It was their day and they rightfully proud.

Seamus Callinan with Damien McCallin and his sons who waited to the very end to get a pic taken with the big All Star
Tipp come out for the second half

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