Another appeal to P.R.O.’s

The Antrim football Leagues get up and running in earnest this weekend follow a number of fixtures on Sunday past and again the Saffron Gael will be striving to cover as many games as possible. There are 15 games down for decision in Division 2, Division 2 Reserve and Division 3 while the Creggan U21 Ulster tournament also starts on Sunday.

We at the Saffron Gael know that players and spectators at all the clubs taking part visit our website on a regular basis and the first report they look for is a report on their own game. Unfortunately we do not have the man power to cover all games and we again make an appeal to all club P.R.O.’s to send us a short report on their games.

Media exposure helps to promote your club and it doesn’t take a lot of time to write a wee report. If your club P.R.O. is too busy why not appoint someone to take notes at your game and send them to us.

All we need is teams, scorers, times of scores and half time and full-time scores. Add a wee bit about who played well and (Please) avoid criticising referees and avoid controversy. Send your report to: or

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