McCabe inspires St. Comgall’s to opening day win

ACFL Division 3

Laochra Loch Lao 1-5 St. Comgall’s 0-16

A fine exhibition of point taking by half-forward James McCabe inspired St. Comgall’s Antrim to an opening day win over Laochra Loch Lao in division 3 and the Antrim town side will be hoping it will set them up for a good season.

McCabe scored seven of his side’s 16 points and with Paddy O’Connor also making a substantial contribution with four Laochra Loch Lao struggled to keep pace with the Antrim men. Peter McAuley and Tom Patchett added two apiece with Conoir McAuley also on target and with Adrian Dougan back at the helm St. Comgall’s could again be amongst the challengers for honour in the division.

St. Comgall’s: Ben Johnston, Stephen Webb, Arron McGaw, Dannan O’Hara, Rory Griffin, Dylan Murdock, Caolan McKeown, Daryl McNeill, Oisin Crilly, Paddy O’Connor 0-4,Conor McAuley 0-1, James McCabe 0-7, Rory McLarnon, Peter McAuley 0-2, Tom Patchett 0-2, Subs: Michael McCabe for Stephen Webb, Colm Logue for Oisin Crilly, Colm Griffin for Dannan O’Hara, Paddy Cooke for Rory McLarnon

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