‘Best 15’ footballers, Kickham’s Creggan

Today’s ‘Best 15’ footballers features Kickham’s Creggan and comes from another good friend to the Saffron Gael, Tony McCollum. Tony very modestly excluded himself from the line-up but he was a hard tackling defender in his time and wouldn’t have looked out of place in a very useful Creggan 15.

It’s ok to select yourself-if you can stand the slagging but remember, it is only a bit of fun and no selection is likely to get universal approval from your club colleagues so why not have a go?

Tony McCollum’s Creggan ‘Best15’ selection

“Paddy that wasn’t easy but here goes”

1. Martín Mc Ateer (Great kick out and as brave as they came) 

2. Seán Maguire (Probably the best and scariest player I played with)

3. Ricky Johnston (Big Ricky just delivers every time and hates full back) 

4. Enda Mc Lernon (Enda Just didn’t give up ask James Mc Carten, Paddy Bradley & Kevin Madden (haha)

5. Sam Maguire (Sam has one of the best engines in the modern game and can play a bit)

6. Marty Johnston (When Mickey Moran said to me at an u16 match that he was the next Séamus Moynihan enough said)

7. Adrian McCann (Dr McCann was the most intelligent footballer on the field just knew where to be and what to do)

8. Terence (Teddy) Mc Keown (Terence was that player who annoyed everyone usually because he always won the high ball)

9. Darrell Martin (Darrell was another player who would go up and down the field all day and no slouch under the high ball)

10. Seán Mc Auley (Seán Mc Auley would go through a brick wall (or 4 men) to win a ball) 

11. Conor Small (Conor to me is poetry in motion when playing probably the most skilful player I’ve seen at the Club)

12. Stephen Mc Kay (Stephen was a flying machine with a great eye for a goal) 

13. Adrian Dougan (Adrian was that pest who would continually annoy you but would always win the dirty ball)

14. Mark Dougan (Mark has been our go to man and he’ll never let you down score from anywhere) 

15. Ruairi McCann (Ruairi is too versatile for his own good so put him in the corner and let him free to score and defend) 


16. Kevin Small (Kevin is another young player with a big future a strong runner with the ball and can score) 

17. Vincie Maguire (Mr reliable was always there in full back and when coming out he always had the ball with him)

18. Conleth Mc Cann (Conleth was one of them players you knew would always win the ball and very seldom wasted it)

19. Oistin Mc Ateer (Oistin was another player that when he came of the field you knew he had given everything) 

20. Dermot Mc Cann (Big Dermot always looked knackered until you tried to go past him then the big hand came out and up the field strode Dermot)

Let the slagging begin!

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