Toome Lamh Dhearg’s victory poem

Lamh Dhearg Toome secured the Antrim senior football championship in 1928 when they proved just too good for Belfast based O’ Connells in the final.

They lined out in a black and white strip thus named the ‘Magpies’ as referred to in the poem penned by Owen Toal who was an ardent follower of the team.

Despite their success in reaching the pinnacle in Antrim football the club was to fade into obscurity less than a generation later

When Toome Won The Cup By Owen Toal

Now I’m not a man of L’arnin,

Nor ye a man of fame

And if quare things sometimes happen,

Sure I’m not the one to blame

But after all I’ll tell ye,

(An I fairly own it up)

That I very nearly lost my head

When Toome had won the cup

For when the boys were playing,

An the rain was coming down,

Sure a chap beside me towl’d me

(I think he’s from the town)

“Y’re getting drenched right down to the skin”

Says I “I’ll soon dry up,

An shake my feathers in the sun

When Toome has won the cup”

But I think that did not plaze him

For he looked away to see

To where the hills of fair Tyrone

Were winking like to me.

An Neagh’s placid waters

In glee were surgin up

For the boys from Bann were playing strong

An’ Toome to win the Cup.

But after all the city team

Were playing quare an’ hard

An’ really gave a fine display

Upon the sodden sward.

But the ‘Magpies’ were a chirpin’

With all the pinions up

Then Atty scored another goal

An’ Toome had won the cup

Son now on winters evenings

When neighbours sit around

An’ talk of the big things done

In country and in town

Sure I’ll not forget to mention

When we are summing up

That nothing else was like the day

That Toome had won the Cup

(Owen Toal 1929)

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