St. Teresa’s ‘Best 15’ footballers

Today we look at St. Teresa’s ‘Best 15’ as seen through the eyes of former dual player, Martin Brunty. Martin had a long and distinguished playing career with the Belfast men and his selection goes back to a time when his club were up there challenging with the best in the county. I repeat, this is one man’s opinion and won’t gain universal approval but it will bring about debate amongst his St.Teresa’s colleagues and further afield.

It’s just a bit of fun!

Martin Brunty’s St Teresa’s ‘Best 15’ footballers

1-,Brendan Johns: Could play goalie or full forward line.

2-Danny Maguire: Poor penalty taker, crossbar hero.

3-Paul McKiernan: Uncompromising.

4-Gerry Sands: 40 yard goal scorer.

5-Gerry Scannell: Speed machine.

6-Gerry McHugh: Went to Jonnies, enough said.

7-Pat Magorian: Log an lean.

8-Sean McGoldrick: Inch perfect distribution.

9-John McKiernan: High fielder,

10-Gerry Maguire: Flyer

11-Paul Growcott: Sniffer, picked up every loose ball.

12-Gerry Fitzpatrick: Tough and could also score.

13-Jackie McLoughlin: Dependable scorer.

14-Padraig McGoldrick: Robust in front of goal.

15Jimmy McCorry: Speed in a small package.

‘All from my era. Just too modest to mention my dual abilities’.

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