Aghagallon ‘Best 15’

Today we look at St. Mary’s Aghagallon through the eyes of a former player who wishes to remain anonymous. Our man has went for former players for most of his selection but has come up with a strong looking lineout. Not everyone will agree with his selection. It’s just one man’s opinion.

Just a bit of fun!

Aghagallon ‘Best 15’ footballers

Comment: Aghagallon best 15 please do not put my name to this. Please keep it anonymous thank you.
1 Peter Bunting (George)
Played in goals for the club from U12 until he was 40+ good kick out and shot-stopper and never shut his mouth talking to the players in front of him

2 Gregory Walsh (pretty G)
Great reader of the game was the master of the diving foot block always gave 100%

3 John McStravick (Willie)
Developed from an average forward to one of the best full backs in the county

4 Eugene Lavery (boob)
The man could run for ever and  never got tired. Very light on his feet and never gave up

5 Adrian Hannon (H)
The fittest man I ever seen. He was a rolls Royce of a footballer for Aghagallon and like George was there for a lifetime

6 Oliver McStravick (Ollie)
Could read the game like a newspaper nipped in got the ball and away in a flash.

7 Peter Tallon (Foxy)
NEVER got into trouble with the ball in his hands could play anywhere he was asked

8 David McAlernon (Davy mc)
If there’s a better all-round footballer than Davy he’s some footballer. Davy had everything and gave everything for his club.

9 Patsy McLarnon
Listening to the old folk he was the best midfielder in Antrim on his game. Came from Aldergove to Aghagallon to finish his career and left a great impression.

10 Ronan Magee (Ninch)
Ninch was worth at least 5pts a game, a strong fast and great free taker.

11 Adam loughran
Adam has great potential and if he keeps developing the way he has he will have a fantastic career for Aghagallon and Antrim

12 Jarlath McStravick (Yardley)
On his day was un-markable. Great in the tackle and always was a goal or 2 in him

13 Cairan Lavery
Played in Aghagallon best forward line ever, fast, cute, with a great eye for a score.

14 Damien McStravick (DD)
The Complete package with a deadly eye for goal. Who could forget his performance for Antrim minors in Ballybofey?

15 Sean Lavery (squrit)
What a speed merchant this boy was and the hardest shot in the club. He scored for fun.

Great players of note from our great club:

 Neil McStravick
Colin Loughran
Gabby Lavery
Martin McVeigh
Ivan Iavery
Colin Mallon
Peter Hamill
Ryan Magee
This is only my opinion! We had great players and everyone who played and kept the GAA alive in Aghagallon in in their own right are Aghagallon legends

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