My favourite 15 – Naomh Pol

Naomh Pol by Damian Murray.

I have played, coached and watched Naomh Pol hurl over many decades. Selecting this team has been equally full of joy and torture as every one of those 40 plus years. I am aware many people will have conflicting views but just remember for every name you want added you have to take one of these great men out. The best hurlers let their hurls do the talking. No need for flowery language, every man summed up in 5 words or less.

1 – Paul Burns. Could play anywhere, and did.

2 – Bobby Hamill. Thou shalt not pass.

3 – Micky Glover. Much more than his strike.

4 – Declan Gamble. Skill and brain. Mr Dependable.

5 – Stevie Rooney. 3 A’s. Ability.Attitude. Application.

6 – Ciaran Killaleagh. Man of steel.

7 – Stephen Ramsey. Style and toughness. Class act.

8 – Micky Sullivan. Skill and speed to burn.

Jim Nelson lifts the Intermediate Cup after St Paul’s victory in 1978

9 – Jim Nelson. Hurling God. Enough said.

10 – Barry Burns. Scoring machine. Quiet and understated?

11 – John Crossey. Skill and grit personified.

12 – Paul Donnelly. A defender’s nightmare. Never stopped.

13 – Jimmy O Neill. Master of the breaking ball.

14 – Aidan Gallagher. Simply give him the ball.

15 – Paul McStravick. Catch. Break the tackle. Goal!

Subs. Everyone else who has lifted a hurl and entered the field in Red and White hoops.

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