My favourite 15 – Rasharkin hurlers

by Liam Tunney

Today we look at the ‘Favourite 15’ hurlers from St. Mary’s Rasharkin through the eyes of Liam Tunney. Liam still plays hurling for Rasharkin and is a regular contributor to this website. Not everyone will agree with his selection. It’s only one man’s opinion. Just a bit of fun!

If your club has not already featured or sent us their favourite 15 then we would urge you to appoint someone to do it. As with the ‘Best 15’ footballers it has proved to be a very popular feature so let’s hear from you.

Liam Tunney’s ‘Favourite 15’ hurlers

Many of the selected hurlers on this XV are still performing in a blue and yellow jersey, which is testament to the development of hurling in the club over the last 30 years.

It won’t be long until many are back at Dreen relishing the battle with their familiar fervour and enthusiasm.

Goalkeeper – James O’Mullan

A talented shot-stopper, ‘Brucie’ packed enough power in his puck out to launch attacks from the six-yard box. Represented the county minor side and as was involved with Antrim at senior level as recently as 2018.

Right Corner Back – Conor Hasson

‘Wiggy’ is a tough defender who is often tasked with tracking an opposition danger man. Comfortable anywhere in defence, he reads the game well and defends with intelligence and physicality. Enjoys working his way forward without licence.

Full Back – Daniel Doherty

Aggressive, pacey, skilful, Daniel plays on the front foot and consistently looks to springboard attacks on winning the ball. Prefers a more forward role but has made the full back spot his own in recent years with some fine displays against tough opponents.

Left Corner Back – Christopher Hasson

Dick’ was a physical hurler and an exponent of a well-timed drop shot that sent the ball flying into the forward line. Tenacious and hard-working, Christopher could also pick a pass out effectively from the half back line.

Right Half Back – Charlie Hasson

Operating at centre back, and with broken ribs, when Rasharkin won their first junior crown in 1991, Charlie liked to spray the ball into the forward line. Always drove the side on and encouraged them to strive for better.

Centre Half Back – Brendan McMullan

Arguably one of the club’s finest hurlers, Bimbo’s reading of the game was second to none. A leader from centre back, his creativity and vision brought the forwards into play, and he wasn’t shy when it came to laying a marker on his opposite number.

Left Half Back – Paul McFerran

At times a victim of his own considerable versatility, Paul could be found anywhere from half back to full forward in his career and performed effectively in a number of positions. Rasharkin’s own Paul Madeley.

Midfield – Thomas McMullan

A tough competitor, Tucker’s energy and physicality make him perfect for the midfield role. With hands like spades, the midfielder rarely spills possession and is a solid fulcrum for launching attacks.

Midfield – Johnny McErlaine

Another member of the 1991 winning side, Johnny’s incessant running and tenacity was crucial to the team’s success. His determination and ball-winning skills helped secure possession around the centre of the pitch.

Right Half Forward – Damien Brogan

With a 2-3 haul in the 1991 final, Damien was a big-game player and had a keen eye for goal. His skill and industry were a key factor in the maiden junior victory, and he is well worth his place on the starting 15.

Centre Half Forward – Darren O’Boyle

Blending a superb touch with a tenacious ability to play on the edge, ‘Cowhead’ was the club’s John Mullane. A bundle of energy in the centre of the attack, his running game was effective against opposition defences.

Left Half Forward – Shane Hasson

‘Deadly Doug’ has a penchant for plucking the sliotar from the sky and finding the target. Has played a range of positions in recent years but can be depended on to win ball and find a way to register a score from all of them.

Right Corner Forward –Enda McFerran

Intelligent in distribution and dynamic in movement, Enda has the ability to torture an opposition defender. Has a fondness for a score and no qualms about putting the head down and attacking a defence head-on.

Full Forward – Conor McKeever

‘Bullhead’ is an explosive forward with an eye for goal, who prides himself on finding the target, and the next field over, from dead balls. Showed determination to battle back from serious injury before Covid-19 took over.

Left Corner Forward – Terry Hasson

A physical attacker with the sleight of hand to buy space, Terry was another member of the team who triumphed at Casement Park in 1991. A talented hurler with a keen eye for a score.


Joey Quinn – Happiest attacking the ball and bursting out, Joey had skill and power in abundance. Played at centre-back throughout his underage career and was a reliable and talented hurler.

Daniel Hasson – Can operate in either attack or defence and take scores from distance. Effective under a high ball and a sweet strike off his left hand side.

Damien McGaughey – A ferocious competitor who relished the physical side of the game, McGaughey was versatile enough to operate in a number of positions.

Declan McKay – Deadly from frees in the earlier years as the team developed, Decky’s work rate and tenacity can leave defenders struggling to cope.

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