Late Delargy goal breaks Rasharkin hearts

Camogie Div 3 League:-

Rasharkin 1-9 (12)

Cushendall 2-7 (13)

Photographs: Mark Hassan

There was disappointment for Rasharkin in this Division 3 Camgoie match in Dreen when visitors Cushendall came with a late rally to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The home side looked on their way to victory when they led by three points with only minutes remaining but an Aoife Delargy goal in the 29th minute swung it the Ruairi’s way.

It was St. Mary’s who opened the scoring with a point from Kate McFerran in the 4th minute but the visitors drew level through Clare Stewart with 7 minutes gone.

The Dreen side then hit a purple patch with points from Jade Henry (0-2), Bronagh McFerran and Aoife McFerran to go four in front by the 16th minute but Cushendall replied with a point from Monigue O’Boyle and a Clare Stewart goal to draw level with 18 minutes gone.

Rashartkin regained the initiative during the second quarter and points from Eimhear Hardy and Aoife McFerran saw them lead by two at the halfway stage and they were good value for that lead.

HalfTime Score: Rasharkin 0-7 (7) Cushendall 1-2 (5)

On the restart it was the home side who continued to carry the game to the opposition and the excellent Jade Henry pointed in the 4th and 5th minutes to edge them four ahead but the Ruairi’s came fighting back with points from Lara Haughey 0-2 and Monigue O’Boyle to close the gap to the minimum at the end of the third quarter.

Jade Henry looked to have put Rasharkin in the driving seat when she fired to the net in the 17th minute to put them four in front but it was to prove the home side’s final score and it was the visitors who gained the upper hand in the closing stages of the game.

A point from Niamh Graham closed the gap to three but the St. Mary’s defence seemed to have rode out the storm, even when Aoife Delargy pointed in the 28th minute but the same player struck with a late goal to give her side a one point lead and break the hearts of the gallant home side.


1. Claire McCaughen

2. Cadhla McLernon

3. Aofie McFerran (0-2)

5. Bronagh McFerran (0-1)

6. Eimhear Hardy (0-1)

7. Noeleen O’Kane

8. Kate McFerran (0-1)

9. Sharrifa O’Kane

10, Niamh Mooney

11. Amy McMullan

12. Jade Henry (1-4)

13. Saoirse McMullan

14. Ciara O’Neill

22. Christina Smith


1. Ellen Leech

2. Sine Woodhouse

3. Anna McNeill

4. Caoimhe O’Hara

5. Catherine O’Boyle

6. Calin Quinn

7. Chloe McAuley

8. Lara Haughey (0-2)

9. Una McAlister

10. Aoife Delargy (1-1)

11. Monigue O’Boyle (0-2)

12. Niamh Graham (0-1)

13. Clare Stewart (1-1)

14. Niamh Conlon

15. Annie Leech

17. Leah Cosgrove

18. Gemma McCormick

19. Brigid Delargy

20. Rose Black

21. Molly McNeill

22. Emer Quinn

23. Cliodhna Bergin

24. Aine Quinn

25. Trisha Abram

29. Erin McCambridge

30. Orla McKenna

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