Flying Faughs book semi-final place

IHC Group 1

Carey Faughs 1-16 Sarsfields 0-14

Report by Chris Campbell

Pics by Ann Gillan

Carey advanced to the semi-finals of the intermediate championship after this enthralling encounter with the Paddies.

The Faughs were two up after five minutes with points from Shea Hunter and a long-range effort from half back Michael McVeigh before Niall McKenna replied in the sixth minute for the visitors. In a keenly contested game, two major events occurred in the first half with Carey’s Caolan McCaughan driving the ball past David Ward for what was to be the only goal of the game, while minutes later at the other end, Carey keeper Steven McGinn brilliantly kept out a Niall McKenna penalty. With both sides struggling to find any fluency, the game became scrappy. Entering the second quarter, a ‘Doug’ McAuley point from a free and a fine Conor McBride point extended the lead for the home side before Niall McKenna replied for the Paddies from a 65. Two further ‘Doug’ McAuley points and a Gary Lennon point for the visitors left the halftime score 1-7 to 0-5 for the Faughs.

Sarsfields needed to create an early impression on the second half and that’s what they did with a Kevin McKernan point. Apart from a Daniel McKernan point from play the next nine scores in a scrappy third quarter came from frees. Four from the stick of ‘Doug’ McAuley and five from Niall McKenna. Entering the final quarter, only three points separated the sides, but this was as close as the Paddies would get. Caolan McCaughan, after some good work from James Black, tapped the ball over the bar with Kevin McKernan on the mark for Sarsfields. In the final ten minutes Carey seemed to click into gear with points from John McBride, Shea Hunter and two from James ‘Rocket’ Black, including one from nearly 90 meters out. Niall McKenna struck the last point for a Sarsfields team which were always in the game but it finished with the home side as five-point victors.

Carey scorers:

Cathal McAuley: 0-7

Caolan McCaughan: 1-1

Shea Hunter: 0-2

James Black: 0-2

Conor McBride: 0-2

John McBride: 0-1

Michael McVeigh: 0-1

Sarsfields scorers:

Niall McKenna: 0-8

Kevin McKernan: 0-4

Gary Lennon: 0-1

Daniel McKernan: 0-1

Carey Faughs:

S. McGinn, P. Gillan, S. McBride, E. Hill, M. McVeigh, J. McCouaig, P. McVeigh, J. Black, C. McBride, S. Hunter, C. McAuley, C. McKinley, C. McBride, C. McCaughan, C. Butler.


D. Ward, D. Johnson, D. Cunningham, J. Daniels, M. Campbell, N. McIlea, C. McKernan, K. McKernan, O. Rogers, D. McGuinness, N. McKenna, S. Lennon, M. Rea, C. Caldwell, R. Carson.

Subs – Daniel McKernan

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