What is going on here????

You really have to ask what is going on! Waterford footballers refused to travel to Portglenone, then Davitt’s when an alternative venue was suggested, but have agreed to play in Dundalk when Antrim called their bluff and said they would give up home advantage. Now the Antrim Camogs have been forced to travel to Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan to play a home game against Carlow. So much for the GAA being a 32 county organisation.

We all must do everything in our power to stay safe, and protect the vunerable during this terrible pandemic, but could someone please tell me what extra dangers would be incurred by travelling in a vehicle, be it bus or car, to Portglenone or Whitelhill rather than travelling to Dundalk or Inniskeen.  I am no expert in these matters but I would wager a guess that the Gortgore Road in Portglenone and Whitehill, Randalstown are not any higher on the Covid scale than the two new venues. Does common sense not come into it at all.

At least we have no such nonsense from the Westmeath hurlers

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