Club Presentation evenings cancelled but we offer you the next best thing

Saffron Gael offer clubs Player of the Year opportunity

As we head into this period of the year where we at the Saffron Gael would be getting ready for the club Annual Dinner@ Presentation evenings we are saddened by the fact that those presentation are very unlikely to happen this year.

The scourge of Covid19 has had a devastating effect on life in general throughout the world and here in Ireland and while we are all grateful that we have been able to have a restricted season on the GAA playing field, our presentation evenings are likely to fall foul to the pandemic.

Since our launch, over four years ago the Saffron Gael has attempted to attend as many of those presentation evenings as possible and subsequent viewing figures suggest that the annual dinner and presentation is one of the most popular events in the club’s calendar year.

While those awards are now put on hold we at the Saffron Gael offer each and every club in Antrim the next best thing but for it to be a success we need the full co-operation of each and every club.

Here is what we want you to do:

  1. Select your player of the year in every code.
  2. Send us a photograph of that player and a short write up about each individual award winner.

We will publish those photographs, club by club as we normally do when we attend club dinners and while there is nothing like the real thing, we think this will prove to be a very popular feature.

So club committees, chairperson, secretaries get in touch with your football, hurling, camogie and ladies football team mentors and ask them to select the various award winners from each team.

  1. Player of the Year
  2. Sports-person of the year
  3. U21 Player of the Year
  4. Minor Player of the year
  5. Club Person of the Year
  6. Any other category you would like to add

Forward your award winners names and photographs with a few lines as to why they were selected for the award and the name of your club. (In some instances we may have a photograph of your player should you be unable to get a photograph)

Send your selections and photographs to or to

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