Gaeil Ruairí Og’s bring their hero to life

The children of Gaeil Ruairí Óg, (the language and cultural Department of Ruairí Óg CLG) took on the task of finding out about the history of Ruairí and where he came from. There are many famous Ruairis in Irelands history and many of them passed through Ulster. So from what they read and were told the children sketched all the things that Ruairí Óg meant to them. Under the watchful eye of our resident artist Fiona Mc Auley and the Cultural committee, and having to be careful to keep the Covid Rules, the children set about this task with great enthusiasm and the result has been tremendous. With thanks to Fiona for the many many hours she put in, the children and Sean Paul McKillops fantastic photographs we have Ruairí Óg the Gael proudly displayed in the Clubhouse andwe will have a very important celebration and unveiling of Ruairí when we are allowed back to the Club.

Ruairí Óg the Gael

Young Ruairí was a warrior, none braver in his day
He roamed the hills of Ireland, the enemy to slay Through fields and glens and valleys, he marched so proud and tall, Then he came to Antrim, and on to Cushendall.
A strange sight lay before him, as he watched the locals brawl
With wooden sticks and sliotars, it was a free for all
Then a voice cried come and join us, if you are brave enough
Young Ruairí joined the mighty men and the going it was tough
The sliotar it was thrown in the middle of the field
The glens men they charged forward, but Ruairí did not yield.
They played the game from dawn to dusk, till the light began to fail
The man that had the winning score, was Ruairí Óg the Gael
He became the local hero, a friend to one and all
And Ruairí Óg the Warrior, lives on in Cushendall

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