Gall’s peak too soon

ACHL Div. 2

St. Galls 1.11 v Creggan 3.08.

By Joe Rice at Milltown

The Milltown men got off to a flying start in the glorious sunshine and playing with the wind they led Creggan 0.05 to no score going into the first water break. – Points from Dubhaltach MacLean 0.01, Marcus Donnelly, 0.02 and Mark Napier 0.02.    The home side won a 20 m free and Napier in his attempt to kill off the game blasted the ball low directly at Creggan’s Teddy McKeown who saved it off the hurl and drove it deep into the Gall’s defence line.   Then out of nowhere, the visitors’ Morgan Nelson sprinted 20 yards and rattled the home side’s net.  St Galls responded from the puck out with a superb goal from Patrick Friel but this was to be the home side’s last score until the short whistle while Nelson doubled his goal tally and added 3 fine points from frees to leave the lough-shore lads up by 1 point as the half time whistle blew.

Half Time Score:    St. Galls 1.05 v Creggan 2.03

St. Galls drew level within 2 minutes of the break – a point on the run from Mark Napier followed minutes later from another half-back, Dara Delaney, making a dash through the mid-field before sending the ball between the posts.    Ciaran Rice levelled the proceedings just before Nelson got his hat-trick to put Creggan 3 points up.  As we headed to the last 15 minutes, both sides traded 5 points apiece – Creggan, 3 more points from Nelson and their final score from veteran, Sam Maguire.  St. Galls needed a second goal to get them out of trouble and they battled on determined – points from Marcus Donnelly, Patrick Friel  2 more from Mark Napier.  Both sides scored 6 apiece in the 2nd half but it was Nelson’s 3rd goal that sealed the deal scoring 3.06 on the day.

St. Galls – No.1 Curtis McGreevy, No.2 Lorcan O’Ciarain, No.3 Stephen Morrison, No.4 Dara Delaney (0.01), No.5 David Churchill, No.6 Nial O’Neill, No.7 Ewan Rush, No.8 Jack Hopkinson, No.9 Fergus Donnelly, No.10 Marcus Donnelly (0.03), No.11 Connla McCarthy, No.12 Patrick Friel (0.01), No.13 Dubhaltach MacLiam (0.01), No.14 Oran McIlhatton, No.15 Mark Napier (0.05), No.17 Cormac Sheehan, No.18 Aodh Mullan, No.19 Conor Stinton, No.20 Eoghan McCrudy, No.21 Ronan Crossen.

CREGGAN – No.1 Emmet Long, No.2 Declan McCann, No.3 Thomas McCann, No.4 Dannan O’Hara, No.5 Lee Johnston, No.6 Aidan McKeown, No.7 Jake McAteer, No.8 Sam Maguire (0.01), No.9 Aidan Maguire, No.10 Mick Maguire, No.11 Morgan Nelson (3.06), No.12 Dermot Mulholland, No.13 Matthew Nelson, No.14 Ciaran Rice (0.01), No.15 Sean Donnelly, No.16 Joe Smith, No.17 Oliver Duffin, No.18 Sean McAuley.

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