North Antrim fixtures up to Sunday 1st August 2021

McCaughan Cup 2021
Final venue – Larne  – extra time in final if required
North Antrim reserve the right to change a fixture or time
Latharna ogNaomh EannaAll Saints
ShamrocksShane O’NeillsTir na nog
Glen RoversOisins
Section ASection B
Rd 1 – Tuesday 27th July at 7.30pmRd 1 – Tuesday 27th July at 7.30pm
Tir na nogvGlen RoversShamrocksvLatharna og
Shane Ui NeillsvAll SaintsNaomh EannavOisins
Rd 2 – Thursday 5th August at 7.15pmRd 2 – Thursday 5th August at 7.15pm
Shane Ui NeillsvGlen RoversNaomh EannavLatharna og
All SaintsvTir na nogOisinsvShamrocks
Rd 3 – Thursday 12th August at 7.00pmRd 3 – Thursday 12th August at 7.00pm
Tir na nogvShane Ui NeillsOisinsvLatharna og
All SaintsvGlen RoversShamrocksvNaomh Eanna
Final Thursday 19th August – Time TBC
Venue Larne
Top team Section AvTop team Section B
NA Junior Feis Football25-Jul-21All Saints v  Tir na nog 5.00pm in Dunloy
McCaughan Cup27-Jul-21Naomh Eanna v Oisin (B) 7.30pm
McCaughan Cup27-Jul-21Shane Ui Neills v All Saints (A) 7.30pm
McCaughan Cup27-Jul-21Shamrocks v Laharna og (B) 7.30pm
McCaughan Cup27-Jul-21Tir Na Nog v Glen Rovers (A) 7.30pm
B4B-Countess of Antrim29-Jul-21Carey Faughs v McQuillans (B) 7.30pm
B4B-Countess of Antrim31-Jul-21Emmets / Cuchullains v Shamrocks (A) 4.00pm
NA Sec A P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21McQuillans v CUCHULLAINS 1 2.00pm
NA Sec A P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21Oisin v Ruairi Og 2.00pm
NA Sec A P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21CUCHULLAINS 2 v Naomh Eanna 2.00pm
NA Sec A P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21Naomh Padraig v Shamrocks 2.00pm
NA Sec B P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21Shamrocks B v Naomh Padraig B 2.00pm
NA Sec B P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21Shane Ui Neills v Con Magees Glenravel 2.00pm
NA Sec B P6 & P7 Go Games31-Jul-21All Saints v Kickhams Creggan 2.00pm
U13A League31-Jul-21McQuillans v Cuchullains 3.00pm
U13A League31-Jul-21Oisin v Ruairi Og 3.00pm
U13A League31-Jul-21Naomh Padraig v Shamrocks 3.00pm
U13B League31-Jul-21Cuchullains B v Kickhams Creggan 3.00pm

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