Mary Anne’s off to a good start

The Máire Áine girls also lined out on Friday night against Loch Mor Dal gCais camogs went out with hard work and determination from the start with Lauren Coleman winning possession from the first throw in to work it out to her half forward Lauren Barry to receive a free only minutes into the game which allowed Barry to secure the first point of the game for the girls. The Lauren’s didn’t stop there as Coleman came back racing towards the opposition after winning the puck out to fire the ball toward the net for it to hit the crossbar and ended up in the back of the net. The Loch Mor girls didn’t give up and came fighting back, but were quickly stopped by the full back line of Maeve Curran, Caitlín Godfrey and Niamh McGurk who worked each ball out of danger for goalkeeper Ciara Morgan. Nicole Brown then wanted her name on the score sheet as she took possession and went full speed towards the nets to land the ball over the bar. The first half was then ended by an amazing set of play worked out from Theresa McDonald (Co-Captain) in the half back line to pass to Lauren Coleman who found her half forward Lauren Barry again who had nothing else on her mind but leaving that ball in the back of the net.

The second half started with changes to the Mary Ann’s team with new fresh feet to take on the Loch Mor girls. The visitors were made to work with the midfield duo of Ellene Rossi (captain) and Lauren Coleman as they gained possession from the start, working their way up the field with half forward Nicole Brown to start the half with another point to her name. This set the girls up with determination to finish this half, Lauren Coleman plucked the oppositions puck out from the air and went on to add another point of her own as she landed it directly over the bar from the half forward line. The Loch Mor girls didn’t give up and fought back to earn their scores on the board, then a great puck out from Ciara Morgan dropping into the hands of Nicole Brown who solo’d her way to another point. Lauren McKee who just came onto the pitch went in to make sure she was getting on the score sheet with a smashing goal. The uproar from the crowd kept the Maccs going as the hard work of Zoie McAuley in the half forward line to gain possession from a ruck and give herself some space to hit the ball between the posts. Just before the half was about to finish the forwards knew they wanted a few more scores to their name with Lauren McKee and Caitriona Ligget working hard to get possession to find their midfield Lauren Coleman who added another point. Just before the last whistle Nicole Brown was eager to get a goal to her name as she took possession in the middle of the field and sprinted her way towards the opposition nets to end the game with a cracking goal.

Massive thanks to St.Malachys College for the use of their facilities for our matches and training and to the Referee of the night Seamus Reid, lastly a big thanks to the Loch Mor Dal gCais team and management for the matched, hopefully we can meet again soon!

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