ACL Division 2

                                           Rossa 1.04    Creggan 1.10   

As Vincent Boyle blew the whistle and threw the ball in, the rain was pelting down and conditions were poor with light fading.  Both sides started the contest battling for every ball and nothing really separated the teams bar the ability of both their goalkeepers – Rossa’s Sophia Erskine and Creggan’s Fiona Maguire were both outstanding making brave saves, clearing their line and pucking the ball out with pinpoint accuracy.  The home side had a 4 point lead with 10 minutes to go and the visitors threw everything at them but they couldn’t close he gap.

 Mary Murray got the Staffordstown side up and running with a clever point 3 minutes in.  County Player Eavanne Martin added the next 2 points – 1 from play and 1 from a free.  Rossa’s response was a quick point from Caoimhe McNeice and a goal minutes later from Lois Lynch to put the visitors 1 point up but this was Rossa’s last score until the 28th minute when Deborah Lees was on target from close range after several unsuccessful attempts.  As we approached half time, Rossa were guilty of some poor finishing and bad luck.  Creggan, on the other hand, had Eavanne Martin in top form adding 2 further points from the placed ball while her colleague Mary Murray doubled her tally with the last point of the half to leave Creggan 2 points ahead at the break

HALF TIME SCORE:          Creggan 0.07 v Rossa 1.02

It took 10 minutes of second half action before a white flag was raised.  Both teams battled intensely around mid-field and the ball and that is where the majority of the exchanges were concentrated.

Rossa’s Natalie McGuinness, Lois McMullan and Lois Lynch fought intensely with Creggan’s Aoife McAteer, Ella McAteer and Rubymarie Rice ensuring that scores would be at a premium.  Eavanne Martin increased her tally by adding another pointed free while her team mate Mia Quinn got her name on the score board toextend the Creggan lead 12 minutes into the game. 

As the tussle continued with players managing to break out of midfield, it was now the job of both the talented goalkeepers to keep the respective sides within touching distance.  Sophia Erskine and Creggan’s Maguire both produced superb saves given the terrible conditions. 

Rossa had a great opportunity with12 minutes to go from a 20m free to narrow the gap as Emily McGurk lined up to take the free.  The signal came from the dugout to go low striking the ball directly at Creggan’s Maguire who stopped it dead before launching it out to be intercepted by Aoife McAteer who duly dropped it over the bar. 

The visitors’ failed attempt on goal only encouraged their intensity.  Their defence worked tirelessly – Clodagh McMenamin, Deborah Lee and Jade McKnight – held firm to keep the Creggan advance from over running their goal.  The visitors became increasingly desperate to close the 3 point gap and they put the Creggan backline under overwhelming pressure – the experienced Kelly Mulholland, Emma McAuley and Rose Carey Small were superb in defence. 

The Rossa push forward left their defence vulnerable and Creggan’s substitute Ciara McCollum, Susan McIlwee and Eavanne Martin were unlucky as the ball drifted low and wide twice with 5 minutes to go.  The home side finally got through for the goal that their pressure deserved however and vulnerable and  Eavanne Martin finished the action for the day with a goal on injury time.


CREGGAN:           No.1 Fional Maguire No.2 Emma McAuley, No.3 Kelly Mulholland, No.4 Rose Carey Small, No.5 Caoimhe McAteer, No.6 Megan Nelson, No.7 Sile Murray, No.8 Aoife McAteer (0.01), No.9 Ella McAteer, No.10 Eavanne Martin (1.06), No.11 Rubymarie Rice, No.12 Mia Quinn (0.01) No.13 Cerys O’Neill, No.14 Susan McIlwee, No.15 Mary Murray (0.02,) No.16 Maria Gately, No.17 Ciara McCollum, No.18 Neva Chauhan, No.20 Aine Colgan, No.21 Megan Darragh, No.22 Laura McCann.

ROSSA:                 No.1 Sophua Erskine, No.2 Clodagh McMenamine, No.3 Deborah Lees (0.01), No.4 Jada McKnight, No.5 Orla McCall, No.6 Eimear Byrne, No.7 Bronagh Orchin, No.8 Natalie McGuinness (0.01), No.9 Louis McMullan, No.10 Lois Lynch (1.00), No.11 Caoimhe McNeice (0.01), No.12 Caoimhe Wylie,, No.13 Emily McGurk (0.01), No.14 Eimear Matthews, No.15 Naomh Steele, No.16 Orla Boyle, No.18 Catherine Beattie,  No.19 Riona Matthews, No.20 Ciara Loughran, No.21 Holly Reid.

Referee, Vincent Boyle (Dunloy)

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