Latharna Og back to winning ways

ACHL Division 4

Latharna Og 2-20 St Brigids 4-10

Photographs: Paul McIlwaine

Latharna Og got back to winning ways with a home victory over St Brigid’s. The game started well with both teams giving each other room to play. Michael Lismore scored the 1st point for the home team after St Brigids raised three flags. Ryan O’Donnell added a point before the net was rattled by Michael Lismore. St Brigids added their fourth point after Lismore (2) and O’Donnell stretched Latharna Og further into the lead to earn a 4 point advantage (1-5 to 0-4) Corner forward Athony O’Neill and midfielders McKendry and O’Donnell (2) added 4 more points.

St Brigids fought back to bring it back to 3 point game with two points and a goal as a result of a goalmouth thumble. A Ryan O’Donnel free and a Jack McAlister point from play was replied with a pointed free from the visitors. Similarly an O’Donnell free and a point as a result from a surging forward from Phil McKendry was replied with another pointed free. The game was spun on its head when two quick goals from St Brigids either side of a Michael Lismore point gave the City side a one point lead. Phil McKendry levelled the game, Lismore edged the Craigyhill Terrors in front and Ronan McKillop accentuated the lead thumping the ball into the net. To restore a 4 point lead. Naomh Brid cut into the lead with a scored free.

Anthony O’Neill scored his second point of the day and Kele McAuley his first. Conor O’Boyle came off the bench to shoot a quick fire double over the bar to finish the home side scoring at 2-20. St Brigids never gave up and a late rally resulted in a goal and a point but not enough to claw the game back. Final score 2-20 to 4-11 and a three point win for Larne. This was the first of three games in a seven days for Latharna Og, On Wednesday night another Belfast team St Galls come down for a 7.30 throw in.

Latharna Og: Craig D Martin McAuley C Martin McNeill Matthews M Petticrew McKendry O’Donnell Lismore McKillop McAlister Darragh B Petticrew O’Neill Subs O’Boyle Carson Scores 1-5 Michael Lismore 0-6 Ryan O’Donnell 0-3 Phil McKendry 1-0 Ronan McKillop 0-2 Anthony O’Neill 0-2 Conor O’Boyle 0-1 Jack McAlister 0-1 Kele McAuley

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