Og’s emerge victorious in game of two halves

ACHL Division 4

Latharna Og 2-17 St Galls 1-13

Latharna Og emerged victorious as the proverbial game of two halves took place last night as the wind howled from South to North in the townland of Ballytober. One side scored three points against the wind in the first half and the other side scored five against the wind in the second. The first side to score was Latharna Og as Ryan O’Donnell fired the sliotar into the breeze and over the bar.

St Galls announced their arrival with a goal sandwiched between two points before that man Conor O’Boyle gained ground on the left wing then riffled a score between the uprights. St Galls had their best period of the game dropping 5 wind assisted points out of the sky and over the bar.

The midfield duo of McKendry and O’Donnell added a point apiece to the tally but these were cancelled out by two St Gall’s points before Ciaran Martin pointed just before the players took refuge in the changing rooms from the elements at half time.

The scores on the doors at half time were 0-5 to 1-10in favour of the visitors

Late comer and top scorer Michael Lismore joined the proceedings for the second half as Latharna Og attacked the Cairncastle end with the wind in their sails. Before the second half was 3 minutes old the unpunctual Lismore planted the sliotar in the Gall’s net.

Ryan O’Donnell then pointed from play but St Galls replied immediately from a free to maintain a 5 point distance.

Latharna Og not only recovered the deficit but ventured two points ahead as the McKillop twins, Lismore, McAlister 0-2 and O’Donnell 0-2 all fired balls over the unanswered points into recently repaired catching net.

Heavy rain then joined up with his old pal howling wind to make the weather conditions even more unpleasant. St Galls drew level with two points just as the blustery rain started and it looked like this one was going to go right down to the wire.

The pressure was onbut Latharna Og kept their composure to do the simple things right against the conditions. The Larne side were awarded a sideline around the 65 meter line and Ryan O’Donnell reacted quickly to send the ball backwards into the path of onrushing corner back Darren Martin.  Martin was still in his own half but his well struck, lonmg range effort nestled in the back OF THE St. Gall’s net


This took the wind out of the St Galls sails and the victory was sealed with 4 further points from Phil McKendry, Ronan McKillop, Jack McAlister and Ryan O’Donnell. Next up Latharna Og finish the week taking a Sunday drive down the coast road to play Cushendall.

Latharna Og: Craig D Martin B Petticrew Carson M Petticrew C McKillop McNeill O’Donnell McKendry O’Boyle R McKillop K McKillop Shields McAlister C Martin

Subs: Lismore Darragh

Scores: 0-6 Ryan O’Donnell 1-1 Michael Lismore 0-4 Jack McAlister 1-0 Darren Martin 0-2 Phil McKendry 0-1 Ronan McKillop 0-1 Ciaran Martin 0-1 Cathal McKillop 0-1 Conor O’Boyle

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