Another good win for St. Malachy’s

ACFL Division 3

Wolfe Tones 1-08 St Malachy’s 1-18

Following a good win gained over the Aggies in their previous game St Malachy’s travelled to Wolfe Tones and recorded another good win. Although it took the Markets men a while to get it together they won convincingly in the end with a ten point winning margin.

They got off to a good start with points apiece from Stevie Carson and Charlie Vernon.

The impressive Vernon was to complete the hour with nine points but despite the positivity of the opening burst the visitors were not to move much further ahead of the home side.

Wolfe Tones gave as good as they got for the remainder of the half and little seperated the sides at the end of the first period despite Dobbin, Quinn, Mc Cavanagh and Quinn all adding to the visitors haul they were just a couple ahead, 0-08 to 0-06 at half time.

St Malachy’s made a good start to the second half with Vernon leading the way as they hit an unanswered five points and the visitors looked on the way to the points.

The home side were in no mood to give up the ghost however and back they came with a point before a smashing finish from their full forward found the back of the net and the home side were very much back in contention.

The Mals looked in a spot of bother for a time but in the event a fine approach and a smart finish from Paul Millar found the back of the net and the men from the South side of the city were back in control.

St Malachy’s dominated the closing stages with Wolfe Tones forced to defend in depth but to no avail as Mc Givern, Mc Cavanagh, Mc Glennan, and late replacement Lynch adding points apiece.

At the conclusion the St Malachy’s had pulled away to record a healthy 1-18 to 1-08 verdict.

A good win for the Mals having been forced to go into action with several missing from the panel, and those tasked with the team management more than grateful to the lads who stepped up to the mark  playing a major part in ensuring victory on the road.

St Malachy’s: S Turley, P Carlisle, C Connelly, C Corr, D Quinn (0-01), M Connelly, P Hanna, S Carson (0-01), A Dobbin (0-01), J Mc Givern (0-01), C Vernon (0-09), G Mc Glennan (0-01), P Devine (0-01), K Mc Cavanagh (0-03) P Millar (1-00)


S Lynch (0-01) for Millar

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