Latharna Og continue to impress

Ladies Development Camogie League

Final score Davitts 1-1 to Latharna Og 0-20

 On a hot June evening, Latharna Og were hosted by Falls Road natives Davitts GAC in the last League game before the split. The contest started slowly with a flurry of play as Latharna Og pushed forward but struggled to convert from any chances created.

 Eventually the stalemate was broken by a well worked passage of play originating from a quick-thinking Niamh McKendry , to Sarah McConkey linking up with Colleen who dutifully cleared the backline culminating in Bronagh Shields teasing out the debut score.

Soon after Ash Mulvenna pucked a long-range clearance from which Beth McAuley chalked up her first score, by another from a free as a result of a foul on the tenacious Niamh McKendry. Megan McKillop was no stranger to the scoreboard and converted Erin Petticrew’s eagle eyed handpass.

The favour was returned shortly after with Erin benefitting from some nice movement on the forward line taking the score to 0-7 to 0-0 in favour of the visitors. Ash and Francesca continued to display a blanket defence, returning the sliothar upfield away from danger time and time again.

Eventually however, Davitts spotted a gap and worked their way through the once impenetrable backline, rattling the “onion bag” with a short range rifling shot – little could be done to stop it, the only major of the day as it would turn out. Davitts kept the pressure and despite a heroic block down from Sarah McConkey as they homed in on goal once more, Latharna Og’s discipline slipped gifting a close quarter free which Davitts gratefully converted.

 Beth McAuley added another point from play taking the score to 1-1 Davitts to 0-8 Latharna Og as he half time whistle sounded. That was as close as the two teams would get, with the Brustin Brae girls showing their skill and stamina in the blistering heat. Megan McKillop got the second half off with a lovely point from play, another one for Bronagh Shields and McKillop followed with another.

The Latharna Og defence was outstanding and kept a clean sheet throughout the second half against the wind with Kate O’Brien, Leigh Murphy and Francesca Black shepherding the resolute Davitts forwards away from scoring positions.

Francesca Black would eventually put her body on the line leading to the introduction of Emma McConkey into the game. Bronagh Shields continued to mesmorise the Davitt’s defence, allowing Megan and Beth to add 2 points each to their tally.

Nuala Petticrew selflessly handed off a golden opportunity to Beth McAuley who converted as Alicia Gribben was introduced with 15 minutes left to play and made a strong contribution. Davitts would only threaten the Larne defence in earnest twice in the second half, but were foiled by a textbook block by Ash Mulvenna which resulted in a broken hurl.

Latharna Og continued their recent good form in a game that was a forward’s dream, perfect conditions and some well taken scores but the player of the Match was Bronagh Shields who worked tirelessly between half back and half forward, almost raising the green flag from an unfortunately deflected ground stroke.

Latharna Og Scorers: Beth McAuley 0-12 (4f) Megan McKillop 0-5 Bronagh Shields 0-2 Erin Petticrew 0-1

Latharna Og: Sarah Murray, Leigh Murphy,  Kate O’Brien,  Sarah McConkey,  Colleen Duffy,  Ash Mulvenna,  Francesca Black,  Natasha Dempster,  Niamh McKendry,  Erin Petticrew,  Nicola Black,  Bronagh Shields,  Beth McAuley,  Megan McKillop,  Nuala Petticrew,  Emma McConkey,  

Subs: Emma McCloskey,  Alicia Gribben , Alex Fergie

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