Festival of Football continues in Toome

The Festival of football that began last weekend with P3 children continued this morning at several venues and this time in was the P4/5 children who had the opportunity to ply their skills against rival clubs from the South West.

All clubs in South West Antrim, over the coming weekends, will take part in a festival of football go games. With bringing clubs together to maximise the number of games and the variety of opposition. 

This festival is an extension to the normal fortnightly go games blitzes, which are played with smaller groups of clubs coming together over 4 venues. 

In the ethos of go games, it is all about plenty of game time and development. 

The festival of football weekends, are to try and raise the profile of Gaelic football even more, in south west Antrim. There is a lot of brilliant work going on in every club and this is seen as a chance to bring clubs together and showcase this.  With Covid and losing James McVeigh (RIP), it was difficult to pick up from where he left off. James did amazing work in coordinating these fixtures and it was mighty shoes to try and fill.

Antrim footballer Michael McCann and Conor McKenna from Gaelfast with the combined Erin’s Own-St. Ergnat’s teams in Toome today

At the start of the year, the clubs asked for more games and better structure. This was listened too and an improved, structured ‘go games’ program was put in place by South West CCC – providing a fortnightly schedule of blitzes, with additional games organised in February and March on 3G pitches, prior to club pitches opening.

It would be the intention to organise these games again at the tail end of the year, thus increasing the playing season at both ends of the calendar year. 
The more kids play games, the better they will become and this can only benefit our county for future years. 

The Saffron Gael was at Cargin this morning where County Antrim player, Michael McCann was joined by Conor McKenna from Gaelfast for what turned out to be an exciting morning’s football where the home side were joined by teams from Creggan, Moneyglass, Dunloy, All Saints and Ahoghill

Thanks go to the clubs who offered to host and their volunteers for the smooth running on the day.

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