Con Magees win Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Award

Under the umbrella of the Healthy Club initiative, a group came together in the autumn to set up an All Stars programme to bring together ” Adults with a  Disability” for social activities. The aim of this group was to integrate people with special needs into the fabric of the Con Magees Club catering for their needs in a fully inclusive and participative way  and as a consequence increase their visibility as part of a fully functioning community .  With the support of the All Star  Volunteer team co ordinated  by Claire McAleenan, these adults meet and socialise with each other in a relaxed , fun filled and safe environment every fortnight.

During Covid they had been isolated in their homes afraid to go out among the public with not only their own personal anxieties, but worries about what would happen to them if their parents caught Covid. These were daily fears over a sustained period of time and  greatly impacted on their mental health as their homes became “shelters” where they hid from the threat of Covid.

As the situation improved this year for most of us, there was a need to provide these vulnerable adults with a facility where they could learn to trust again, socialise, have fun, reconnect with friends and eliminate their fears and anxieties. 

A range of activities is provided and the photographs that have appeared on the Con Magees Facebook page illustrate that the All Stars initiative has been very successful.

The All Stars initiative was nominated for a special award and at last Friday evening’s Ulster GAA Awards Dinner Claire McAleenan collected the award on behalf of the group.

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