Have you a story about Casement Park?

Do you have a story to tell about Casement Park? If so Fionnuala Murphy would like to hear from you! The well know LGFA referee is writing a book about the stadium and would like you to share your thoughts and memories of the great old stadium which opened 70 years ago.

Fionnuala told the Saffron Gael

“I graduated from QUB with a history degree and due to personal circumstances could not become a history teacher, my ultimate goal – history is how we come to be!  Instead I used my qualifications for my career, not my refereeing career. 

The first floodlit game in Casement in March 2007 when Antrim hurlers played Dublin

In recent years, I began to write a book, a story on the history of Páirc Mhic Asmaint.  This book is not just about our codes, it is also based on the social and cultural aspect that this ground has on every single Gael in Antrim and further afield.  Páirc Mhic Asmaint is 70 years old in June 2023 and I would love to hear from anyone that has a story, a memory – any reminiscences if you attended the opening day, played games, indeed played on the road during the occupation, went to school under the stand, were or are a member of the social club, attended any social events and parades etc

As this story is about every single one of us, I would love to hear from you – please email me at fionnuala.murphy@btinternet.com

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