Hurling Blitz at St. Louis Grammar

Six colleges, each fielding two teams, took part in a very successful and enjoyable Year 8 Hurling Blitz on the fabulous new 4G pitch at St. Louis Grammar School, Ballymena on Friday.

St. Mary’s CBGS, Glen Road, Rathmore Grammar, St. Patrick’s Maghera, St. Killian’s Garron Tower and Cross & Passion, Ballycastle joinjed hosts St. Louis and the boys produced some excellent hurling on a surface that lends itself to fast hurling.

the brainchild of St Louis teacher Conor ‘Gooch’ Gillan the event was played purely for the joy of hurling, with no finals or trophies at the end of the day’s play. If the reaction among the Year 8 students and their teachers is anything to go by then this will be a regular event in the hurling calander from now on.

Mr Paul Hughes of St Pat’s Maghera commented ” Well done Gooch and St Louis on a great event today, brilliant opp to get year 8s going.”, while St Killian’s Mr Cassidy of CPC added “young lads were buzzing this morning heading off and came back buzzing! Thanks Gooch.”

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