Clooney have too much fire power for battling St. Paul’s

ACHL Division 2

St. Paul’s 1-18 Clooney Gaels 5-22

James O’Connell struck a personal tally of 3-10 as Clooney Gaels overcame the challenge of St. Paul’s in an excellent game of high scoring hurling at Shaw’s Road on Sunday. 3-8 of O’Connell’s total came from play and he proved unmarkable on the day for the St. Pauls defence.

It was Colla McDonnell who got the Ahoghill men on their way with their first goal after Ronan Graham and James O’Connell opened with early points but St. Paul’s were still in touch in the period leading up to half time, thanks to a goal of their own in the 10th minute.

There was only one between the sides as the clock counted down but James O’Connell struck with his first and his side’s second goal in the 29th minute to put the visitors into a 2-11 to 1-10 half time lead.

Donal Graham struck a third goal for Clooney Gaels after 10 minutes of the second half to put a bit more daylight between the sides but St. Paul’s were still battling hard but slowly the visitors began to pull away and when James O’Connell fired home their fourth goal in the 14th minute it was as good as over.

To their credit the home side kept battling away and their final tally of 1-18 would have won many a game but when O’Connell completed his hat-trick with 11 minutes remaining it was all over.

This win keeps Clooney Gaels in third place on 10 points from 7 starts and four behind leaders, Glenariffe who they meet in Ahoghill on the 24th May.

Clooney Gaels scorers: James O’Connell 3-10, Colla McDonnell 1-2, Donal Graham 1-1, Ronan Graham 0-2, PJ O’Connell 0-2, Owen Neeson 0-4, Eoin Graham 0-1,

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