Antrim GAA for All teams play in Croke Park

It was a dream come true for many as our Antrim GAA for All teams paid a visit to Croke Park to participate in the Ulster GAA for All Activity Day on Thursday 17th August.

Alongside other teams from around Ulster, Antrim All Stars, St Mary’s Aghagallon All Stars and Naomh Éanna All Stars showed off their wonderful skills and abilities on the hallowed turf of Croke during well organised sessions run by the Ulster Council. The sun shone on all our players throughout the day. The pride shining from their families and supporters in the stands was even brighter.

Aghagallon All Stars and Naomh Éanna were first off the mark and fun was the name of the game. The teams spent a while getting a feel for the pitch, shooting goals and points before participating in their training session and fun games.

Antrim All Stars team were next up and they played against a strong Fermanagh side. Some of the Aghagallon players got the opportunity to play for the county also and made their debut cheered on by the large crowd of supporters. Antrim All Stars gave a stunning performance to be proud of!

It was a day full of joy and pride not only for the families involved, but most notably for the players, coaches and volunteers. A culmination of all their hardwork, perseverance and dedication to training. Our teams did Antrim proud!

Of course Bert Trowlen was there for the Saffron Gael along with is assistant Sarah Geoghegan to capture these speical memories. We can’t thank Bert enough for the great work he does for these teams and for the Saffron Gael

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