Lisnamurrican Young Farmers first experience of Gaelic games

58 member of Lisnamurrican Young Farmers club enjoyed their first experience of Gaelic games when they visited Quinn Park in Ballymena on Monday night as special guests of All Saints GAC.

As part of a cross-community project the Lisnamurrican young farmers took part in a coaching session under the guidance of All Saints coaches Roisin O’Boyle, Cormac McGreevey, Maurice Goldring, Damian Casey, Luke O’Rawe and a number of juvenile players from the All Saints club.

A great nights craic was had by all with the participants soon grasping the skills required with new friendships made and the Lisnamurrican group would like to thank All Saints for the warm welcome they received and their hospitality on the night.

Feile & Abbey Cup starts tomorrow

Could winning team mentors send short report on each game to us by tomorrow evening

Feile 12.00N Noon (Extra Time if Required)

St. Mary’s Rasharkin v St. Joseph’s

St. James’ v Erin’s Own

Kickham’s v Tir Na nOg

St. Comgall’s v All Saints

Roger Casement’s v Cuchullian’s

St. Ergnat’s v St. Enda’s

Abbey Cup 2.00pm

Group A

St. Mary’s Rasharkin v Clooney Gael’s

Con Magee’s v Kickham’s

Group B

Tir Na nOg v Loch Mor Dal gCais

Saints & Slimmers sign off In style

“Oh, What a Night” might well be the Four Seasons biggest hit from the 1960’s but it’s equally the most appropriate song to describe the recent 80’s themed All Saints GAC Saints & Slimmers Finale Night. Held in the wonderful setting of Tullyglass House Hotel the 170 participants rounded their 8 week challenge off in some style.

Having spent the past 2 months exercising every muscle they have it was time to hit the dance floor and show off their 80’s dances to over 500 friends, supporters and club members.

12 routines in all from Tina Turner’s Proud Mary to Kenny Logins Footloose and Run DMC’s It’s Tricky to Madness’ Baggy Trousers there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. And that’s just what they did. Each team put on show the final results of their 8 week dance preparation to rapturous applause from those attending. But of course there were also points on offer and champions to be crowned.

First up on the night was the double title of King & Queen of The Biggest Loser competition. 12 competitors, 1 from each team, waited with bated breath for the overall winners to be announced. Crowned 2019 Queen was Catherine O’Melvena while crowned King alongside her was Ben McDonald.

Then it was on to the Dance winners. The judges had an unenviable task in choosing their winners but choose they did and announced in 1st place was the Fitzsimons Opticians French Hens led by team captain, and club Camogie coach, Leanne McGarry. 2nd place went to the Steele Physio Partridges with the Old Bank Surgery Maids placed in 3rd.

Celebrations had barely receded when we were introduced to the overall champions of the 8 week programme. A combination of points awarded for attendance, weight loss and team activity challenges had brought us to this point.

Deserving winners and Saints & Slimmers Champions 2019 were the Steele Physio Partridges led by team captain, club stalwart and former Antrim camog, Bernie Daly. Announced in 2nd place were the Prime Pipers who were marshalled over the 8 weeks by another of the club’s Camogie coaches, Noleen Spurgeon. The 3rd placed team were the Old Bank Surgery Maids and they were led to the podium by their team leader, juvenile parent, Pamela Hudson.

Saints & Slimmers has community at heart and this was very much in evidence during last night’s event. Late last Summer the All Saints Club lost a much loved friend and juvenile coach, Orlaith O’Kane. In consultation with Orlaith’s husband Micky and family members it was agreed that this year’s Saints & Slimmers charitable efforts should be directed towards a charity of their choice.

McMillan Cancer Support Unit at Antrim Hospital were the nominated group and on Saturday 2nd February team members undertook a 9 hour Spin Cycle Spinathon at the Ballymena Harmony Hub in the centre of town. Thanks to the generosity of the participants, their families and the Ballymena public a grand total of £5240 was revealed last night. A fitting way to pay tribute to Orlaith’s legacy and bring this year’s programme to a conclusion.

Thanks must go to all of the tutors and support groups who made this year’s programme run so smoothly. They are:

Studio365, Springwell Street

Strengthbox, Raceview Mill

Prime Health & Fitness, Dojo Ballymena

All Saints ABC, Cushendall Road

Teresa Donnelly

Ballymena Runners

St. Brigids PS

St. Patrick’s College

Team Sponsors:

Steele Physio

Old Bank Surgery

Toyota Ballymena

Prime Health & Fitness

McKillop’s Spar Frys Road

Connolly’s Spar Dunclug

The Sitting Room

Rafferty Property Services

Fitzsimons Opticans

Dojo Ballymena

Oh So Lean Foods


Finale Night Sponsors:

Unite Union

Homes Independent

Scor All Ireland winner Zara special guest at Antrim v London game on Sunday

Zara McGavigan from Aghagallon was the special guest of Antrim GAA on Sunday when she made an appearance at the Antrim v London, Allianz Football league division 4 game between Antrim and London at Corrigan Park.

Zara, who became the first winner of Scor with Down’s syndrome, was part of the St. Mary’s Aghagallon group who were successful in the All Ireland Scor in Castlebar last weekend.

Aghagallon’s Leiriu “3 wishes for the 50th year of Scór” was the final act to represent Antrim. They had the audience dancing, cheering, laughing and on the edge of their seats with their amazing acting skills.

It was a huge achievement for the County to have 3 acts in the All Ireland but to come home with 3 All Ireland titles and 17 medals for the County is absolutely unbelievable and the first time that the County has won 3 All Irelands in one year. It’s great to be able to say that we have made history in the 50th year of Scór.

Zara was invited to Corrigan on Sunday and was again the star of the show as she had her photograph taken with the Antrim team before the game. Dressed in her Antrim county colours she then accompanied captain, Declan Lynch for the captain’s photograph with the referee.

At the end of the game Zara received a standing ovation from the team as she stood in the centre of the team huddle. Well done to Zara!

North Antrim Airborne continues tomorrow


The North Antrim Airborne continues tomorrow with three divisions at two different venues, Dunloy and Randalstown.

Each club will have to provide a referee and a score keeper

so please remember whistles and notebooks / pens

Note:  Schedule is again tight – so please ensure teams / refs /

scorekeepers are ready to go straight away after each match finishes


Matches will be 7 a-side (goalkeeper / 2 backs / 2 midfielders and 2 forwards) which will be played straight through (Note:  Check venue for duration of matches as this varies)

2 points will be allocated for a clean catch (not from a handpass or a ‘pop-pass’) / 1 point for a goal / 2 points for a point

The ball will not go ‘dead’.  In the event of a point teams will play on.  Play will only stop for fouls or full time or if a goal is scored

Players cannot solo with the ball.  They can take their steps, tap onto the hand, take their remaining steps and release the ball

If a foul is awarded the (player fouled has to take the free) in the interest of player safety, the free taker can only go for a point

Mentors are encouraged to ensure all players get as much game time as possible

Each team must play with a goal keeper (must were a keepers jersey or bib)

Teams must supply a referee and score keeper

Two mentors of each team are permitted into the indoor halls during matches

North Antrim wish to remind all teams of the strict SILENT SIDELINE rule.  Players or mentors are not permitted to speak / shout at the referee or officials.  If this happens the offending club may not be included in the following weeks fixtures.

Please ensure the players leave the changing rooms tidy along with the spectator’s area.


DIVISION 2 Fixtures

Venue:              Dunloy

    Date / Time:     Saturday 23rd February   12pm

    Teams:  Loughgiel,  Oisin,  Dunloy, Ruairi og, All Saints


Venue:                 Dunloy

    Date / Time:  Saturday 23rd February   12pm

    Teams:  Loughgiel,  Oisin,  Dunloy, Ruairi og, All Saints

Note:  All matches 6 minutes Each way

Teams   Start      Finish    Ref         Score Keeper

Oisins    V             All Saints              12:00     12:06     Loughguile          Ruairi og

Loughguile          V             Ruairi og               12:07     12:13     All Saints              Oisins

All Saints              V             Dunloy  12:14     12:15     Ruairi og               Loughguile

Ruairi og               V             Oisins    12:16     12:24     Dunloy  All Saints

Loughguile          V             All Saints              12:25     12:31     Oisins    Ruairi og

Dunloy  V             Oisins    12:32     12:38     All Saints              Loughguile

All Saints              V             Ruairi og               12:39     12:45     Oisins    Dunloy

Loughguile          V             Dunloy  12:46     12:52     Ruairi og               All Saints

Oisins                    V             Loughguile          12:53     12:59     Dunloy  Oisins

Dunloy V             Ruairi og               13:00     13:06     Loughguile          Oisins


Venue:                 Dunloy

    Date / Time:  Saturday 23rd February   13:10

    Teams:  Loughguile,  Oisin,  Dunloy,  Ballycastle, Ruairi og,  

Note:  All matches 6 minutes Each way

Teams   Start      Finish    Ref         Score Keeper

Ballycastle           V             loughguile           13:10     13:16     Oisin      Dunloy

Ruairi og               V             Dunloy  13:017   13:23     Loughguile          Ballycastle

Oisin      V             Loughguile          13:24     13:30     Dunloy  Ruairi og

Ballycastle           V             Ruairi og               13:31     13:37     Oisin      Loughguile

Dunloy  V             Loughguile          13:38     13:44     Ruairi og               Ballycastle

Ruairi Og              V             Oisins    13:45     13:51     Loughguile          Dunloy

Dunloy  V             Ballycastle           13:52     13:58     Ruairi Og              Oisin

Loughguile          V             Ruairi Og              13:59     14:05     Ballycastle           Dunloy

Ballycastle           V             Oisin      14:06     14:08     Dunloy  Loughguile

Oisin      V             Dunloy  14:09     14:15     Ballycastle           Ruairi og


Venue   Tir Na nOg

    Date / Time:  Saturday 23rd February 12.00pm

    Teams:  Tir Na nOg, All Saints, Glenravel, Creggan, St Ergnats.  N Padraig

Note:  All matches 6 minutes 

Teams   Start      Finish    Ref         Score Keeper

Glenravel            V             N Padraig             12:00     12:06     Creggan               St Ergnats

St Ergnats            V             Creggan               12:07     12:13     N padraig             Glenravel

N Padraig             V             Tir Na nOg           12:14     12:20     St Ergnats            Creggan

Creggan               V             Glenravel            12:21     12:27     Tir Na nOg           NPadraig

N Padraig             V             St Ergnats            12:28     12:34     Glenravel            Creggan

Tir Na nOg           V             Glenravel            12:35     12:41     St Ergnats            N Padraig

Creggan               V             N Padraig             12:42     12:48     Glenravel            Tir Na nOg

St Ergnats            V             Tir Na nOg           12:49     12:55     N Padraig             Creggan

Glenravel            V             St Ergnats            12:56     13:02     Tir Na nOg           N Padraig

Tir Na nOg           V             Creggan               13:03     13:09     Glenravel            St Ergnats