U8 Indoor Hurling gets under way this Saturday


Following another very successful and thoroughly enjoyable North Antrim Indoor U10 hurling league which finished with the finals in Ballymena 7 Towers leisure centre on Sunday, it is the turn of the U8’s to go into action this weekend.

The North Antrim committee deserve great praise for the manner in which they organise these Indoor Winter events and their competitions increasingly attract sides from beyond their divisional board and indeed from throughout Ulster.

Swatragh and Slaughtneil,  Eoghan Ruadh, Dungannon and Eoghan Roe, Coleraine are just some of the clubs who will be availing of the opportunity to pit their skills against the best North Antrim has to offer in what promises to be another excellent competition.

The action gets under way this Saturday 3d February

Section 1 Cross & Passion 10am

McQuillans 3, Naomh Padraig 1, Naomh Padraig 2,Ruairi Og 1, Ruairi Og 2, Shamrocks 2

Section 2 Cross & Passion 1pm

McQuillans 1, Oisin 1, Oisin 2, Naomh Padraig 3, Shamrocks 1, Shamrocks 3

Section 3 St Patrick’s Ballymena 10am

All Saints, Cuchullians 2, Kickhams 2, Clooney Gaels, St Endas 1, Tir Na Nog 1, Tir Na Nog 2

Section 4 St Patrick’s Ballymena 1pm

St Endas 2, St Endas 3, Kickhams 1, Kickhams 3, Eoghan Ruadh  1, Eoghan Ruadh 2, Brid Og

Section 5 St Joseph’s Coleraine 1.30pm

Eoghan Roe, McQuillans 2, McQuillans 4, Cuchullians 1, Cuchullians 3, Slaughneil 1, Slaughneil 3

Section 6 Swatragh 10am

Swatragh 1, Swatragh 2, Slaughneil 2, St Endas Omagh 1, St Endas Omagh 2 St Ergnats

Action from Sunday’s U10 finals courtesy of Ciaran Hasson


(Amended 2018)


  • Ground hurling only. Sliotar may not be caught, lifted or handled by any outfield player.
  • Pre-match warm-ups or huddles are not
  • Helmets must be worn and only indoor sliotars and white bas indoor hurls used.
  • Goal keepers may handle the sliotar but he/she must play it on the floor immediately.
  • Goal keepers may not score from the puck out.
  • During the goal keepers puck outs, his/her defenders may not deliberately impede the opposing forwards. Action:  Penalty from the 10 metre line.
  • Goal keepers may not go outside the semi-circle. Action:  Penalty from the 10 metre line.
  • Only goals will count as scores.
  • No deliberate stopping or kicking of the sliotar with the foot by an outfield player.
  • No body contact allowed.
  • Rebounds from the side walls, end walls etc are allowed.
  • Goal keepers must release the sliotar from the semi-circle without delay.
  • Defenders may enter the semi-circle but must release the sliotar without delay.
  • Defenders and outfield players may not play the sliotar to their goal keeper. Action: Penalty from the 10 metre line.
  • Defenders and outfield players may not deliberately take the sliotar into their own semi-circle. Action:  Penalty from the 10 metre line.
  • Forwards may not enter the semi-circle. Action:  Free from where the foul was


  • All puck outs, frees etc to be taken off the floor.
  • Sin Bin: 2 minutes duration will apply with no substitutes allowed (Foul language, persistent fouling).



All disciplinary matters are at the discretion of the committee in charge acceptance of this is part of the entry.

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