Kilmacud Sevens success for St. Ergnat’s

For a group of underage girls from St. Ergnat’s GAC Moneyglass there appears to be no limit to what they are capable of achieving. After sweeping all before them in the past couple of years and collecting Feile titles at County and All Ireland level you would have thought they might sit back and rest on their laurels for a while.

Not this particular group of girls and perhaps that’s what makes them and their mentors so special. At the weekend they travelled to Dublin to take part in the Kilmacud 7’s and, guess what! They won that as well. Things weren’t looking all that good when they lost to Kilcullen, Kildare in the group stages by the narrowest of margins in their opening game.

They picked themselves up of the canvas to defeat Catherlistrane of Galway and Eire Og Cork to qualify for the next round where they beat Seneschalstown of Meath thus setting up a place in the quarter-final.

In the quarter-final another Meath side stood in their way but Walterstown were to fall to the same fate as their county counterparts with Moneyglass emerging 6-6 to 3-4 winners. The Marrion Hill girls were now in their stride and Southern Gaels of Kerry were all that was standing between them and a place in the final.

Southern Gaels fell to the same fate as Walterstown as the free scoring St. Ergnat’s put them to the sword and now only Kilcullen, the only side to have beaten them stood between them and another All Ireland title.

Two points had separated the sides in the opening game and after a titanic final only one separated them but this time it was in favour of the Moneyglass girls.

Congratulations to all concerned!


Group matches

Lost 5-6,  6-5. Kilcullen Kildare

Won 5:5,  2:2.  Caherlistrane Galway

Won 3:3,  2:5.  Eire Og. Cork

Round 4

Won 3:5, 1:2.  Seneschalstown Meath

Quarter Final

Won 6:6,  3:4.Walterstown  Meath

Semi Final

Won 5:3,  1:5 Southern Gaels Kerry


WON!!! 5:5,  to 5:4, Kilcullen Co Kildare


Photographs and Report: Courtesy of Elaine Kelly

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