Con Magees Cul Camp 2019

Con Magees Cul Camp attracted more than 180 children this week and while the weather has not been ideal most days have been OK. Regardless of the conditions everyone has had fun and met new friends, under the supervision of a great team of young people, with Seamus McMullan and Caoimhe Duffin overseeing it all

On Thursday we had a few special players come along to join in the fun. Michael, Johnny Dee, Michael, Aoife and Ben got special attention love and care from their tutors Ciaran and Rioghnach McCaughan and their daughter Naimh who gave up their time, and missed out on the Naomh Padraig Cul Camp, to be there.

Johnny Dee’s eyes light up when he sees his former teacher Ciaran McCaughan at the Con Magees Cul Camp

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