Antrim Leagues to start in March

The CCC (Competitions Control Committee) have released a list of dates for the season ahead, noting the start times of all the competitions in both hurling and football to include all county minor and under-16 leagues.

The CCC have stated that following a round of research, consultation with the clubs and other units of the association in the county, and including Gaelfast they (ccc), have now set out a list of start dates and other information for the attention of clubs as follows……

All County football leagues, division two and three to commence on Sunday March 1st

All County football league Division one to commence Sunday March 29th

All County hurling leagues, all divisions to commence on Sunday 19th April

All County under-16 football league division two will commence on Tuesday 31st March with under-16 football leagues division one to commence on April 21st

All County minor football leagues will take place on a Sunday commencing March 8th

All County minor hurling leagues will take place on a Sunday commencing April 19th

Adult reserve football matches will take place mainly on a Sunday as where possible, to be part of a double-header together with a senior game.

Where there is only a stand-alone game thrown in will be 1.00pm

Where two games are to be played in the double-header, senior and senior reserve the senior game will commence at 1.00pm with the reserve game to follow at 2.30pm.

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