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DIVISION 1 Fixtures

Venue:              Dunloy

    Date / Time:     Saturday  14thMarch  12:00pm TO 1:30PM

   TEAMS   Dunloy ,  Ruairi og ,  Loughguile,  Oisins, Ballycastle,  Naomh Eanna, Naomh Padraig.

Note:  All matches 5minutes
Teams Start Finish Ref Score Keeper
N Eanna V N Padraig 12:00 12:05 Oisins Loughgiel
Ballycastle v Dunloy 12:06 12:11 N Eanna N padraig
Ruairi og V Oisins 12:12 12:17 Ballycastle Dunloy
Loughgiel V N Eanna    12:18 12:23 Ruairi og Oisins
N Padraig v Ballycastle 12:24 12:29 Loughgiel N Eanna
Dunloy V Oisins 12:30 12:35 N Padraig Ballycastle
Loughgiel V Ruairi og  12:36 12:41 Dunloy Oisins
N Eanna V Ballycastle 12:42 12:47 Ruairi og Loughgiel
Ruairi og v N Padraig 12:48 12:53 N Eanna Ballycastle
Dunloy V Loughgiel 12:54 12:59 N Eanna Ballycastle
Oisins V Ballycastle 1:00 1:05 Dunloy Loughgiel
N Eanna V Ruairi og 1:06 1:11 Oisins Ballycastle
N Padraig v Dunloy 1:12 1:17 Ruairi og N Eanna
Loughgiel V Oisins 1:18 1:23 N Padraig Dunloy
Dunloy v N Eanna 1:24 1:29 Loughgiel Oisins
Ballycastle v Ruairi og 1:30 1:35 Dunloy N Eanna
Loughgiel v N Padraig 1:36 1:41 Ballycastle Ruairi og
N Eanna v Oisins 1:42 1:47 Loughgiel N Padraig
Ruairi og v Dunloy 1:48 1:53 Oisins N eanna
Loughgiel v Ballycastle 1:54 1:59 Ruairi og Dunloy
N Padraig v Oisins 2:00 2:05 Ballycastle Loughgiel

North Antrim U12 Airborne 2020

DIVISION 2 Fixtures

Venue:              Dunloy

    Date / Time:     Saturday 14th March   2:10pm


 GROUP 1   Loughgiel 2,   Dunloy2,  Ballycastle,  Glenarm,                            

 GROUP 2   Loughgiel 3,   Dunloy 3, Naomh Eanna , Oisins , Ruairi og

Note:  All matches 5 minutes
Teams Start Finish Ref Score Keeper
Loughgiel 2 V Glenarm 2:10 2:15 Ballycastle Dunloy
Ballycastle 2 V Glenarm 2:16 2:21 Dunloy Loughgiel
Loughgiel 2 V Dunloy  2 2:22 2:27 Glenarm Ballycastle
Dunloy V Ballycastle 2 2:28 2:33 Loughgiel Dunloy
Ballcastle 2 V Loughgiel 2 2:34 2:39 Dunloy Glenarm
Dunloy 2 V Glenarm 2:40 2:45 Ballycastle Loughgiel
GROUP 2   GROUP 2     GROUP 2  
Loughgiel 3 V Ruairi og 2 2:50 2:55 Dunloy Oisins
Oisins 2 V N Eanna 2 2:56 3:01 Ruairi og Loughgiel
Dunloy 3 V Loughgiel 3 3:02 3:07 Oisins N Eanna
Ruairi og 3 v Oisins 3:08 3:13 Dunloy Loughgiel
N Eanna 2 v Ruairi og 3 3:14 3:19 Loughgiel Oisins
Oisins 2 v Dunloy 3 3:20 3:25 N Eanna Ruairi og
Oisins 2 v Loughgiel 3 3:26 3:31 Dunloy N Eanna
Dunloy 3 v N Eanna 2 3:32 3:37 Oisins Loughgiel
Ruairi og 2 v Dunloy 3 3:38 3:43 N Eanna oisins
N Eanna 2 v Loughgiel 3 3:44 3:49 Ruairi og Dunloy

North Antrim U12 Airborne 2020

DIVISION 3  Fixtures

Venue   Tir Na nOg

    Date / Time:     Saturday 7th MARCH  12.00pm

    Teams:  Creggan,      ST Ergnats,      All Saints ,        N Eanna,         N Padraig,    Glenravel,       Ruairi og.

Note:  All matches 6 minutes  
Teams Start Finish Ref Score Keeper
All Saints V Glenravel 12:00 12:06 N Padraig Ruairi og
N Padraig 2 V N Eanna 3 12:07 12:13 All Saints Glenravel
St Ergnats V Creggan 12:14 12:20 N Padraig N Eanna
Ruairi Og  3 V Glenravel 12:21 12:27 St Ergnats Creggan
All Saints V N Eanna 3 12:28 12:34 Ruairi og Glenravel
N Padraig 2 V Creggan 12:35 12:41 N Eanna All Saints
N Eanna 3 v Ruairi og 3 12:42 12:48 Creggan N padraig
N Padraig 2 v St Ergnats 12:49 12:55 Ruairi og N Eanna
Creggan v All Saints 12:56 1:02 St Ergnats N Padraig
N Eanna 3 v Glenravel 1:03 1:09 Creggan All Saints
Ruairi og 3 V Creggan 1:10 1:16 N Eanna Glenravel
All Saints v St Ergnats 1:17 1:23 Ruairi og Creggan
Creggan v Glenravel 1:24 1:30 All Saints St Ergnats
N Padraig 2 v All Saints 1:31 1:37 Glenravel Creggan
St Ergnats v Ruairi og 3 1:38 1:44 N Padraig All Saints
N Eanna 3 v Creggan 1:45 1:51 St Ergnats Ruairi og
Ruairi og 3 v N Padraig 2 1:52 1:58 N Eanna Creggan

North Antrim Airborne 2020

Each club will have to provide a referee and a score keeper
so please remember whistles and notebooks / pens

Note:  Schedule is again tight – so please ensure teams / refs /
scorekeepers are ready to go straight away after each match finishes


  • Matches will be 7 a-side (goalkeeper / 2 backs / 2 midfielders and 2 forwards) which will be played straight through (Note:  Check venue for duration of matches as this varies)
  • 2 points will be allocated for a clean catch (not from a hand pass or a ‘pop-pass’) / 1 point for a goal / 2 points for a point
  • The ball will not go ‘dead’.  In the event of a point teams will play on.  Play will only stop for fouls or full time or if a goal is scored
  • Players cannot solo with the ball.  They can take their steps, tap onto the hand, take their remaining steps and release the ball
  • If a foul is awarded the (player fouled has to take the free) in the interest of player safety, the free taker can only go for a point
  • Mentors are encouraged to ensure all players get as much game time as possible
  • Each team must play with a goal keeper (must were a keepers jersey or bib)
  • Teams must supply a referee and score keeper
  • Two mentors of each team are permitted into the indoor halls during match
  • If a player deliberately strikes or lashes out at an opponent player he will be sent off and will not be able to play for the remainder of matches on the day.

North Antrim wish to remind all teams of the strict SILENT SIDELINE rule.  Players or mentors are not permitted to speak / shout at the referee or officials.  If this happens the offending club may not be included in the following weeks fixtures.

Please ensure the players leave the changing rooms tidy along with the spectator’s area respecting the facilities of host club.

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