Saffron Singers – A huge success

Scór Aontroma- Go mór i mBéal an Phobail

Over 80 people have taken part in ‘Saffron Singers’ over the last 4 weeks.  The aim of the initiative was to encourage Scór participation in the County.  Scór is a GAA competition that combines all the colour and rivalry of Gaelic Games with the social/fun element of Ireland’s traditional past-times. The competition was established by the GAA in 1969 with the aim of promoting Ireland’s traditional pastimes and culture. There are 8 disciplines involving dancing, storytelling, singing, acting, music and a quiz. 

County Cultural Officer, Bronagh Lennon, took the online sessions, where groups of children, teens and adults learnt basic skills needed for singing.  Each group were taught a new Irish traditional song each week.  Bronagh Lennon said “We are delighted with how successful the sessions were and we are hoping that the involvement in the online singing sessions will boost Scór participation in the months and years ahead. It was a great opportunity to touch base with people who had never been involved in Scór before, from 20 clubs throughout the County. I was absolutely delighted with the response and hope to run other Scór related workshops over the Summer months. Thank you to all of the parents who allowed their children to be involved.”


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